Things that help me grow my empire.


Things that help me grow my empire... (in no particular order):

💥 Praying and reflecting deeply enough, and often enough, to listen for the way forward. Beginning my day with journaling, and pulling a card from Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the Oracle deck, to help focus my day (I always ask, what’s in my highest good to focus on today?).

💥 Staying hydrated. Getting more than enough sleep. Paying close attention to my body and giving it what it needs. Eating primarily organic, with minimal gluten and sugar. Getting body support from amazing non-Western practitioners. Making love. Going hiking/walking/running an average of 20 miles/week.

💥 Connecting with my close circle of entrepreneurial friends: especially those who walk/hike with me regularly so we can talk about our businesses and support each other. In fact, anyone who knows me well knows that if they want to spend 1:1 time with me it’s going to be while hiking with my dog Winston and I. I’m grateful for my friends for their willingness to be on the land with me because the land SOURCES me.

💥 Relying on my accountability partner, my mastermind partners, my Anchor Committee (for my ministry), my Peer Ministers Support Group, my team, and my coaches/mentors to be my divine mirrors, to speak Truth, to say the hard things, to see ALL parts of me.

💥 Trusting the process. Whatever is coming up for a reason. I can either be in resistance to it or I can surrender to it and allow. Anytime something isn’t “working” in my business, the way I “think” it should I ask, “what’s really going on here?”

💥 Being willing to get radically honest with myself about how I am the cause of my experience. Even when I DON’T LIKE IT. Being willing to take radical responsibility for everything in my life and my business.

💥 Honing and refining my (marketing) message so that non-ideal prospects either have no idea what I’m talking about, or can’t understand what I’m communicating, or (this is FUN) literally CANNOT SEE me or my messages. Messaging to my dream client first and foremost.

💥 Saying no to any marketing strategy, lead generation opportunity, sales funnel, business system, or contractor that does not feel aligned to my business, even when it makes no logical sense.

💥 Being willing to RECEIVE more than enough. Cultivating my DESIRE. Choosing to feel safe enough to have BIG desire.

💥 Embodying my Divine Feminine and my Divine Masculine, and understanding that BOTH are necessary for growth.

💥 Doing my art for art’s sake - my primary focus is my soul expressing itself through the platform of my business. Anytime I take my focus off of THAT, business slows down.

💥 Understanding that I am spiritual being having a human experience, NOT the other way around.

💥 Backing myself 100%. Even when it is scary, even when it makes no logical sense, even when I know it’s going to make other people uncomfortable, or me uncomfortable, and even when it costs money or time or resources that I don’t necessarily want to give. Because I come first in my world, without exception.

💥 Paying attention to results. I tend to manifest pretty quickly (I’ve got a go big or go home energy) and if I’m not getting results no amount of beating the dead horse of the strategy or working harder is going to bring the horse to life. I’ve got to be willing to pay attention to the results and course correct.

💥 Only working 20 hours/week. Blocking my calendar so I’m only on the phone with clients/prospects/team members at certain times during the week, so I have ample “white space” to create and reflect. Giving myself the fourth week of every month off, with no client sessions, no sales calls, no meetings or appointments so that I have time to Source myself. Trusting that the business WILL function, and will function WELL, with this model.

💥 Hiring well and firing quickly - Knowing exactly what we want to hire someone for, what the objective is, and what the measures of success are. If someone is not a fit, I’m going to know it, and my other team members are going to know it, fairly quickly. Our make and break litmus test is ALWAYS how a new team member communicates and their level of self-awareness. If they are proactive and responsive that goes a LONG way for us. Skills and processes/systems can be learned and refined. The capacity to communicate MUST already be instilled in the person.

💥 Understanding that if sales slow down in my business it’s for 1 of 3 reasons: (1) I need REST(oration) and re-calibration, (2) whatever we are selling or how we are marketing/selling it is out of alignment and needs to shift or (3) I am not experiencing FREEDOM and something needs to shift so I can get back into the energetic signature of Freedom (which is the core energy my soul leads with).

💥 Choosing Love. If I am triggered, if a client is upset, if something isn’t working with a team member, if marketing/selling isn’t working, if I find myself going into judgment or blame, choosing, just for a moment, to embrace the entire situation/person/way of being with LOVE. Then listening for how to act from THAT energy.

💥 Checking my energy. If I am taking action from fear or scarcity that action probably won’t work, or, if it does, I probably won’t like the end result. It is my daily practice to tune into the energy I wish to embody (usually the energy of freedom or abundance) and take action from THAT energy. Because abundance magnetizes abundance.

💥 Keeping my house and home office organized. Hiring housekeeping support. Not letting papers pile up. Being diligent about releasing anything that does not “spark joy.” Creating my home as a sanctuary.

💥 Not waiting until the weekend to do things that bring me joy or refill my cup. The more I coach, the MORE refilling my cup becomes a business priority. Because without me being fully present as the leader, as the spiritual director, as the guide, the business doesn’t work and my clients don’t get the support they deserve.

💥 Claiming that my daily sermons ARE my deep connection to Source AND my marketing strategy. Trusting that God and I co-piloting my business is the path forward.

💥 Tracking how I am spending time. If anything is on my to-do list for more than 3 weeks and isn’t getting addressed it either (1) needs to be delegated, (2) isn’t really aligned and needs to go or (3) I am in resistance to doing the VERY thing that would create new possibilities for the business! My next step is to figure out which of these is true and take action.

💥 Understanding that I have the full capacity to BEND time. This has become a fun game in my life and business. I have gotten to so many appointments on time over the past several months that according to GPS was impossible. I have chosen that everything I desire to do in a day could happen in three hours and then took action in full faith it was possible and THEN it was POSSIBLE. I KNOW that time is what I make it.

💥 Letting go of HOW and SHOULD and STRUGGLE, my three archnemeses, who I thought for many years had my back and were making me a good entrepreneur, but I discovered, much to my amazement, that they have no interest in what I actually need to grow my business. What are your go-to practices for growing your empire?


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