Your brain can't solve all your business problems


Have you ever noticed that sometimes your gorgeous, giant brain can’t solve problems in your business like it used to?

Like all of a sudden, your most reliable superpower is no longer super powerful?

Stuff in your business, seemingly overnight, just stop working. Lead generation slows, sales grind to a halt, clients are unhappy, your team becomes unreliable.

Does it make you feel like there must be something radically wrong with you, especially when it happens AFTER you’ve achieved “success” in your business?

Nothing that your brain creates in an effort to jump-start your business works.

Yeah, I get it. My gorgeous, giant brain has gotten me SO FAR in life and business and to not have it running the show all the time was, frankly, deeply uncomfortable.

💥 It took me a long time to figure out that my brain isn’t actually the CEO of my business. 💥

My soul is.

When my brain CEO was running my business it was focused on:

- proving - hustling - efforting - wrestling with fear - DOING - waking me up at 3 am with a giant To-Do list - having the right strategy - staying in control

Which, on paper, could work, right? I mean it does for a lot of people.

But the consequences of this way of being, for conscious entrepreneurs, are fairly significant. Because this way of being requires us to ignore our soul, our emotions, and our physical well being.

Four years ago I grew my business from $500 to multi-six figures in one year with a basic website and no email list. Amazing, right?! Yeah, I thought so too.

But then I got bronchitis for 8 weeks.

Because I had spent that year ignoring my body’s well being. I was TOTALLY out of balance and it was a radical wake up call to change the way I was engaging with my business.

The consequences get exacerbated the more your business grows. Because after 6 figures you’ve got a larger team, bigger bottom line, more clients, more lead generation, sales funnels, marketing platforms, products/services, and infrastructure.

You can keep your Brain CEO running the show all the way to 7 figures if you like.

But then one day you’ll wake up, realize you hate your business, hate yourself, are still wrestling with scarcity and have even LESS freedom than when you were at 6 figures. And untangling the mess of the giant business you have created is seemingly insurmountable.

Or, you know, you could acknowledge RIGHT NOW that your gorgeous, giant brain needs to take a back seat to your soul.

Because your soul’s plan for your business is ease, grace, and freedom.

Your soul is divinely inspired. Your soul knows the shortcuts to create actual freedom. Your soul KNOWS your magic business formula that gets results, consistently.

It is SO MUCH easier to choose the soul path BEFORE your business gets ginormous, rather than waiting until you have ALL the success - and the burn your 7 figure business to the ground - and finally, claim your soul purpose, and do what you love the way you love to do it.

Which path will you choose? Who will be the CEO of your business this year?


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