It's time to break the chains that bind you


It’s time to break the chains that bind you.

Beloved, there is nothing powerful about being half the person you were meant to be.

There is nothing empowered about only kinda, sorta, maybe, having and being everything you desire.

For a lot of “successful” entrepreneurs this looks like making tons of money but STILL not having freedom.

Here’s why…

Most entrepreneurs are unwilling to have more than enough.

Read that again, because it can seem like a tongue twister.

Except that it isn’t.

Having everything that you desire: all the money, all the time, all the joy, all the love, all the freedom, all the everything can feel…


Especially for those of us who were taught to not WANT.

Those of us who were taught that our desires don’t matter, that our needs aren’t important, that happiness or having money is selfish, that we shouldn’t stand out from the crowd, or think that we’re special, or have more than others.

We have amazing gifts to share with the world, are poised to transform consciousness on this planet, and yet….



Allow ourselves to have more than enough.

Because it can feel like if we had more than enough we would die.

Like the very core of who we are would be extinguished, or annihilated.

Our trauma response, fear of being alone, or isolated from our Tribe, keeps us from wanting too much.

So, we can make tons of money but NOT have freedom.

Or we can be doing what we love, how we love it, but still be on the financial roller coaster.

Or we can make great money but be stuck on the struggle bus, pushing and hustling our way for every dollar.

Or, hopefully, fingers crossed and the Good Lord Willing and the creek don’t rise, have money and some freedom, but our relationships are disintegrating.

Your freedom comes when you finally embody the desire…


And to BE


Because when you know, down to your tippy-toes, that you are MORE than enough, everything becomes available to you.


Want some help with that? Comment below. I’d love to show you how!

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Monique Salazar

  1. I feel I struggle with this. Feeling empowered enough to see myself where I want to be is a challenge and idk why.
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