Does your business light you the f*ck up?


Are you having the impact that you truly desire?

Do you experience the FREEDOM that you caused you to actually start your business in the first place?

If not, and you’re already at 6+ figures, you are PLAYING SMALL.

💥 It’s time to stretch beyond your limits. 💥

Your soul is telling you there is MORE for you.

It’s time for you to create new visions and new possibilities. 🙌 It’s time for a rebirth. 🙌

Because more money will not motivate you to the next level of success.

Pushing and hustling isn’t the solution either.

S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G into that next level version of yourself and your purpose is.

Here’s how to know that NOW is the time to stretch:

👉 Your business has stagnated or (God forbid) actually begun to move backward!

👉 You’re no longer madly in love with your clients or services

👉 Your infrastructure/team/systems feel HEAVY to manage. Weird-o stuff is happening in your business that hasn’t happened for a long time (DM me if you want a reality check on this…)

👉 You’re bored/frustrated/done with the grind

Here’s how to stretch:

💥 Give yourself massive PERMISSION to do that thing that your soul has been longing to do. Get into desire.

💥 RELEASE products/services/clients/systems/team that are no longer a vibrational match for you.

💥 Bring your business down to one lane and bring it down from there to a narrow ledge. Walk the tight rope.

💥 DECIDE it’s going to be easy and that you deserve to have everything you desire. If you’re ready to play full out, stretch beyond your limits and create new possibilities….

Here’s what’s possible with a R-E-B-I-R-T-H:




Actual EASE.

Actual JOY.

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Megan Burke

Thank you EMMA! Reading your truths are so helpful and put a fire under me that I can create something from nothing! I appreciate you and your sharing of your gifts to help us who are slowly manifesting.. M Burke 
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