Stop getting distracted...


Stop getting distracted...

It can be really triggering to LET things be easy.

Walking the tightrope of ease, and releasing struggle, can feel downright terrifying.

Because what if you aren’t DOING enough?

What if you’re not PROVING enough to the Universe that you are serious about what you desire?

What if every other entrepreneur around you is working really hard for the same results?

What then?

For anyone who was taught that struggle is noble…

For anyone who learned that the only way to survive is to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and make things work…

Allowing ease and flow can seem completely foreign.

Having what you truly desire without exhausting yourself in the process can feel greedy, or selfish, or, frankly, unfathomable.

The path to create ease in your business isn’t about outsourcing everything or charging someone $100k to work with you. It’s about narrowing the focus in your business and your role in it to your zone of genius. To only what is aligned for you. To where you are getting the most traction and results. And being radically selfish in the process.

Your empire doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s.

You don’t have to have a ton of services and products and be serving thousands of people in order to have an impact in the world and do your purpose. You do have to be faithful. You do have to be willing to let go of everything that is not your purpose. That is not aligned. That is not life-giving.

You must be willing to narrow the three-lane highway of your business to a narrow ledge and be willing to walk only that ledge until, one day, a switch is flipped and you have created ease and freedom.

By doing less. By being more. By trusting. By having faith. By saying NO, a lot. By firing struggle. By releasing the need to prove yourself. By giving yourself EVERYTHING you desire in your business.

Stop getting distracted by what doesn’t serve your empire.


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