Have you ever had the experience of prospects literally unable to see you?


Have you ever had the experience of prospects literally unable to see you?

In my first few years of being a full-time business coach, I went to a ton of networking events and conferences, to support my business growth.

This curious thing was happening as I was attending all of these events. 

💥 There were people in the room who literally could NOT SEE ME. 💥

I noticed this especially when I was networking in my hometown, I would meet the same people over and over again, introducing myself to them, and each time they claimed to have never seen me before.

One day, I finally got what was happening.

💥 I was vibing at a different level than them. 

💥 My vibration was such an energetic mismatch to them that they literally could not see me or feel me.

These folks, by the way, had certain common characteristics:

👎 They were wannapreneurs, not actual entrepreneurs running actual businesses.

👎 They were radically committed to a lack and scarcity mentality.

👎 They poo-pooed entrepreneurs who made a lot of money.

👎 They deeply believed that struggle was the only path to business success.

👎 They thought having a great website, or having an expert tell them the “right” way to do lead generation, would save their pseudo-businesses.

👎 They thought engaging in a real sales process was pushy, and that asking for money was greedy.

Thank f*cking GOD they could not see me.

Because those people are NOT my people.

My people understand that doing their PURPOSE is the reason to be in business, and they are ready, willing, and able to design businesses that feel juicy and good to them to lead. They take the risks, they step out in faith, they embrace failure as part of the process, they make powerful decisions, they challenge themselves to continue to grow beyond their limiting beliefs, and they trust their intuition and their souls.

As you grow your empire you will discover that clients, friends, colleagues, and partners that you used to be able to relate to will stop being able to see you. This can cause so much grief until you understand that you have upleveled - your vibration has shifted - and you are no longer a match for their vibration.

💥 Celebrate this! 💥

Because it means that you have grown even closer to the version of you that you are truly meant to be in this world. You are MORE aligned to your purpose. You are embodying even more of your God-self. You are on the evolutionary path.

(Side Note: This applies to marketing messaging as well. The more your messaging is ONLY directed at your ideal client, in a way that ONLY they will understand, the less your non-ideal clients will understand what the heck you are talking about and they will have no interest in working with you. YAY!)

💥 Do not play small in the name of holding onto who you used to be. 💥

Most people on this planet do NOT want to evolve. They want to get to death as safely as possible. They want to keep their heads and hearts down, and struggle their way to death.

I know, this does seem a little extreme. Except for that it’s actually true.

Back in the day, when I worked as a trauma chaplain, then as a home hospice chaplain, I helped hundreds of people to die.

I had so many deathbed conversations with people in their last minutes, hours, days, and weeks of death.

I’m guesstimating here, but perhaps only 1% of the people I spoke to shared with me on their deathbed that they were delighted that they took radical risks to do their purpose. Or celebrated that they evolved beyond what they thought was possible.

Because that is simply not a paradigm in which most people exist.

The common paradigm is to stay in your tribe. To remain who you are “supposed” to be. To not rock the boat.

To get to death as safely as possible.

To remain in the same vibration you were born into.

If that is a conscious choice you have made for your life, good on ya. Not everyone will choose the evolutionary path.

But if you are part of the 1% choosing to be your God-selves, choosing to transform consciousness on this planet, choosing to step even more powerfully into your purpose, I celebrate you.


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