Sometimes ease wears the sly disguise of struggle


Sometimes ease wears the sly disguise of struggle.

Say what?!?

Ease came running towards me recently, promising opportunity and possibility, hiding in its cloak all of the struggle and disempowerment that would be required of me in the name of creating ease in one area of my life. This ease looked so good I wanted to lick it. I could FEEL all of the possibilities it could create for me, in SO MANY WAYS! Except for that this ease would require me stepping out of my power. Disallowing the power and freedom that I have intentionally curated for my life and my business. Because there was still a small, child part of me deeply longing to be rescued. (We ALL have these parts!)

Ease wearing its sly disguise can look like: A “magic” marketing strategy! Or the perfect lover! Or a dream house! Or an ideal client! Or finally, the right business coach who will save you from yourself! Something shiny and beautiful and perfect that is just going to make everything OKAY.

So you can finally stop holding your breath, waiting to arrive. So you can finally, finally TRUST that your business and your life are working. That is the exact OPPOSITE way to truly have what you desire. That is seeking external validation for what needs to be created internally, first. Have you forgotten that trust is already available to you right now?

You already have the most trustworthy co-creator in your life and your business. Source, Spirit, God - the entire frigging UNIVERSE - is already within you. All of that power and truth and freedom that you keep seeking outside of you already exists within you. What if you could have everything you desire WITHOUT having to cling to something outside of you for validation and proof? What could be possible then?

The true path to ease is to step even more fully into your innate power, which is your birthright, which is your connection to pure potential and universal consciousness. Which is what co-creation with the Universe is really about. Which is the ACTUAL path to having everything you desire, including ease. Which is available to you immediately. This moment. Without changing anything about your life or my business. Simply by choosing to stand fully in your POWER. Right. Now.


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