How Conscious Entrepreneurs Can Get More People Raising Their Hands to Work with Them WITHOUT More Leads!!


If you’re stuck in your business and no matter how much you focus on mindset or what kind of new fancy strategy you try you just aren’t getting enough folks raising their hands to work with you, then you’re not alone...

Have you tried implementing those well-intentioned client attraction strategies from your coach or mentor and they just aren’t producing the results you hoped for?

Or worse, maybe you’ve always had the mindset that you’ve got to be constantly hustling.  Constantly grinding out more content, more conversations, more showing up but ... But in the end, you’re just ending up with mostly crumbs.

The 16 hour days dogma is just a myth yet every day I see amazing entrepreneurs with so much to offer the world getting stuck in the hustle.

It’s not about the effort yet they keep blaming themselves for not working enough.

Not having the right strategy.

Not having the right mindset. 

They’ve tried everything and now they’re almost ready to just give up!

I’m Emma Churchman - I’ve been a conscious business owner for 2 decades and have mentored thousands of entrepreneurs and what I'm about to tell you has helped my clients and I generate literally millions of dollars with EASE.

Most entrepreneurs are stuck in the “all it takes is mindset fallacy.”  Mindset is a key component but that’s only if it’s aligned with the strategy you’re using. 

There’s a secret sauce and  I’m about to share it with you.  If you use it the right way it will solve the mindset/strategy gap. 

Because even if you’re implementing strategy all day long and rocking your mindset, you still may not be getting great results.

The problem you’re having is an alignment issue. 

What I mean by that is each of us, as souls are designed to operate in a unique way.

We each have a unique blueprint - how we are designed to take action, to market, to sell, to deliver, even to structure our business.

And it’s different for each person.

When we don’t understand how our soul is uniquely designed to do business and take action... 

...we end up spending WAY too much time and expending way too much effort to try and get results.

Look, I get it. You’ve tried everything and so far nothing has worked but let’s be brutally honest here. 

No amount of mindset work is going to get the results you want if you have an alignment issue. 

You’ve got to start tweaking the things that bring your business into alignment with your soul design then you can expand your results exponentially.

And that’s exactly what my amazing client Kristin, a business coach for pilates studio owners did… when she went from $0 sales in her mastermind program to $90k in sales in only 6 weeks...

Then there’s my client Dorothy, a visual painter who doubled her income in less than a year! 

And the unforgettable story about my client Adam who went from having a marketing consulting business to becoming an erotic energy coach and within 6 months had a 6 figure business!!...

Not to mention that I’ve personally created a million-dollar business with an email list of under 1000 people. 

These kinds of results are possible when you stop holding on so tight and finally allowing it to happen by being in alignment.

These success stories made me want to create my latest free advanced training: Ease and Abundance by Soul Design: How Conscious Entrepreneurs Can Get More People Their Hands To Work with Them WITHOUT More Leads!!!

This training is PERFECT for you if:

  • You’re ready to take your business growth to the next level
  • You’re ready for MORE prospects WITHOUT doing more lead generation
  • You’re ready to diagnose the REAL problems in your business so that you can leverage your growth without working harder and doing even more

This advanced training is unlike anything else you’ve ever seen and you’re going to walk away with the keys to understanding what hasn’t been working, why it hasn’t, and exactly what you can do to be in alignment.

If you’re ready to take have more people raise their hands to work with you, then click the link and come join me.

This is not your typical training.  This is an eye-opening experience that will change how you see yourself and your business forever.

The days of constant hustle and grinding or settling for less than you deserve are over.

You’re now on a path to having the kind of business you’ve always wanted. I'm grateful to be a part of that journey. Can’t wait to see you there.



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