Client Attraction Blueprint (1)

Your personalized roadmap to magnetize soulmate clients, attract consistent 5-figure months, while enjoying abundant freedom and a lasting legacy that matters.

Your Akashic Record

  • Understand your unique soul design!
  • Receive guidance and tips for integrating your soul into your business model!
  • Learn how to access your own Akashic Record!

Energy Center

  • Discover the energetic qualities that comprise your soul--these are your primary keys to manifest abundance.

Soul Origination

  • Understand your divine nature so you can apply it in your 3D business.
  • This helps you to operate your business in a way that is completely aligned and most natural to you.

Soul Specialization

  • Discover important details about your divine gifts and soul purpose and how you are uniquely designed to offer your products and services.
  • Illuminate your purpose, mission, and particular skill sets (especially in business!).

Life Lesson

  • Discover your biggest "WHY" as a soul---why you do what you do in life and in business. 
  • Knowledge of your life lesson changes how you interact with clients and team members, and highlights what may trigger and/or inspire you in business.

Organizing Principle

  • Learn how you are most naturally designed to create!
  • This allows you to take action in your business in a way that feels good to you.

Manifesting Operating System

  • Understand in detail exactly how you are uniquely designed to take action in your business (and life) to manifest the best results!
  • Discover the keys to aligned action for you--which helps you to take LESS action and get BETTER results!

Your Soul in Business

  • Understand how to apply your soul design to identify your clients and customers, design and deliver your products and services, create your marketing and sales strategies, develop your business systems, and work with contributors (team members).

What's Included....

8 Video Lessons

Comprehensive Video Lessons on how to work with each of the 6 elements of client attraction. Each lesson is 4-15 minutes long (also available as audio-only). 

There is a worksheet for each lesson with 1-5 exercises that help you to understand your own unique methodology. 

Your Customized Akashic Record Report

This 40+ page report is personally created for you by Emma, based on your Akashic Record.

It showcases how you are designed to offer products + services, and how to market, sell, and structure your business, as well as how to take action, in a way that is aligned JUST to you!

Online Member Space

An online portal where you can access all of the lessons and worksheets, as well as your Customized Akashic Records Report and all of your bonuses. 

marketing masterclass (1)

Soul Aligned Marketing Masterclass

This 90-min Marketing Masterclass, with accompanying pdf guide, will teach you exactly how to use your Client Attraction Blueprint to market effectively to your soulmate clients. Implementing these steps will have your soulmate clients ready to buy from you, even before you have a sales conversation. 

Sales Mindset + Transformational Selling Course

In this course you will learn how to increase sales conversions to 90%+ without feeling salesy or slimey. The aligned art of transformational selling occurs as part of your marketing messaging and within sales conversations. When done in full alignment with your soul and spiritual laws, your soulmate clients and you arrive at a mutual "Hell YES!" together.

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Access Your OWN Akashic Records!

In this course, you will learn how to work with a pendulum (or muscle testing) to access your own Akashic Records, and you will learn how to ask questions in your Records to provide you with accurate information about how to reach your financial goals. Additionally, the lessons showcase how to ask about each aspect of your business: products and services, clients and customers, marketing and sales, business systems, and contributors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an energetic database that contain an imprint of every thought, feeling, action and experience for every soul that has ever occurred in time and space. The database is also referred to as "The Book of Life" or Universal Consciousness.

The records contain all knowledge of human experience and the cosmos. The Akasha field exists in the fifth dimension and is all around us. The Records have been referenced in all religions and spiritual traditions and are described as a metaphysical library or universal supercomputer. You have an Akashic Record, and your business has one as well! 

“I’ve studied with some of the best Akashic Record teachers and have worked with the Akashic Records for over 15 years and I have never had information about my soul presented in this way before: it is so illuminating!

  ~Rhonda Hohmann, Teacher and Mentor

1. How will you access my Akashic Records?

When you enroll you will be asked to provide your (1) Full Name at Birth, (2) Full Current Name, (3) Date of Birth and (4) Birth Location. This is the information Emma utilizes to access your personal Akashic Records. Although the information gleaned is different than astrology, the personal information needed is the same.

2. Will this course teach me how to access my own Akashic Records?

Yes, absolutely! You will learn how to work with a pendulum (or muscle testing) to access your Records, and the lessons provide questions to ask about each aspect of your business: products and services, clients and customers, marketing and sales, business systems, and contributors. This course does NOT teach you how to access the Akashic Records of others.

Emma Churchman

“I wept when I read my Akashic Records report, as I resonated so deeply with it. The AHA moments kept raining down on me thick and fast and for the first time ever, my soul felt heard. I could not have asked for a better way in which to get off on great footing for this year.”

Women Empowerment Coach

Emma Churchman

“My first sale rang through within 3 hours of implementing the recommendations given in my Akashic Records report!”

Transformational Teacher

Emma Churchman

“I would encourage anyone who is on the fence about Client Attraction Blueprint to say YES!! My report is spot on and even described a realization I had about my business 2 weeks ago! Plus the course really helps you dig even deeper into the report and apply it specifically to your business/life. ”


Emma Churchman

“My Client Attraction Blueprint was bang on! This assessment has given me so much clarity on how I need to create marketing messages, run my online business and attract the RIGHT clients. I have a new sense of purpose. I am energized to build my business.”

Vergie Speed

Emma Churchman

“Creating a new business based on my soul design changed my life in so many ways and allowed me to realize a level of fulfillment I seriously didn't think was possible. The teachings and lessons I received from Emma have continued to reverberate through everything I do.”

Erotic Energy Coach

Emma Churchman

“My Akashic Records report is SO dead-on to me! Right to the point of answering my biggest hesitation for moving forward in my business! In just two days, I was able to create a structure to attract aligned clients to my most fun projects! Using the foundation of this report I doubled my income this year!”

Visual Artist

Emma Churchman

“As an Akashic Practitioner I worked really hard to live my soul design that someone else did for me years ago. I did not understand why I was struggling. Emma has literally turned who I thought I was on its head. Her readings made so much sense and I literally felt myself exhale and relax. It just fit! Armed with this new knowledge I am clear who my ideal client is and how to serve them. A game changer!"”

Business Director

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