Episode Overview:

This week, Emma talks with Sarah Shoemaker, an educator and coach who specializes in trauma-informed mindfulness practice.

Sarah’s focus is on an embodied practice – one that focuses on breath and body, rather than imagination-based meditation.

They discuss the ways our brains respond to trauma and how our trauma can reveal to us the next opportunity in our businesses. They dive deep into how our bodies can lead the way towards healing trauma and Sarah leads listeners through a breath exercise.

Guest Information

Sarah says: I want to connect with others in ways that allow the individual to feel resourced, empowered, and regulated in their bodies. As a mother, teacher, coach, school administrator, and self-aware human, I have experienced the negative affects of the hyper-productive society in which we live and I am very interested in helping to build resiliency in children and adults. There is so much beautiful work to be done in the world, and so much for each of us to learn. We are so much better able to do this when we feel safe, balanced, and aware in our bodies and whole beings. This is my work – to uplift, support, and facilitate resiliency and true well-being in the world.

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