Episode Overview:

In this episode of Cleared for Profit, Emma talks with Meade Neumann, who is an Energy Healer, Massage Therapist and Life Coach. Meade focuses on working with people’s bodies and energies to help them heal. Trauma is stored in the body and causes pain and suffering.

Meade shares her experiences of working with people to release their trauma, and talks about the process by which trauma gets embodied (with some great descriptions and metaphors!). She offers her approach of engaging in a dialogue with your body and touches on chakras and symbology.

Emma and Meade also talk about the ways our bodies are affected when we uplevel in our businesses and why this happens.

Guest Information

Meade Neumann is a Master Healer and the owner of Renewed Spirit Healing. She blends Energy Healing, Massage Therapy and Life Coaching together to balance her clients’ bodies, minds and spirits. Her techniques empower her clients and teach them how to take a conscious role in their own health. As a part of her community for over 20 years, she has developed a special passion for working with people over long periods of time. It is a beautiful thing to see a person smile, but it is better to watch them evolve in joy!

For more details or to schedule an Initial Consultation check out her website at www.renewedspirithealing.com or follow her mind/body uplift blog on Facebook at “Renewed Spirit Healing”

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