Episode Overview:

In this episode Emma interviews Dr Cindy Bergh, the founder of Le Coeur, a wellbeing practice in Asheville, NC. Her definition of trauma, as something that we do not have the energy (resources) to deal with in real time, informs the healing work that she does. She uses chiropractic care to help people to release the trauma stored in our bodies.

Dr Cindy describes the physical symptoms that many of us display when we are embodying trauma, whether they have conscious memories of trauma or not, and encourages us to be in relationship with our bodies. She articulates her belief that the stored energy of the trauma can propel us into the next stage of our life or business. Being stuck is telling us that we’ve gotten as far as we can with the amount of energy we have, but the alienated energy of the trauma can provide a boost and a guide for the future.

Emma shares her personal experiences of embodying a trauma response while upleveling her business and Dr Cindy breaks it down!

Guest Information

Cynthia graduated Summa Cum Laude from New York Chiropractic College in 2000 and is the founder of Le Coeur, a wellbeing practice in Asheville, NC. She has the highest level of certification (part III) in Network Spinal Analysis, and has completed the Master-E program with Donald Epstein.  Her expertise comes both from extensive studies (neurological system and its relation to structure and behavior, and perception), and experiencing the stages of healing in her own transformation in life.  She facilitates workshops and works hands on with her clients to help them to understand, connect, and embrace their natural healing rhythms.

For 18 years she has worked to help people experience and appreciate their natural intelligence to grow and heal.  She is attuned to the necessity for change in our approach to caring for ourselves, and she understands the confusion people encounter as we seek new solutions to meet our arising needs.  She is applying Epstein’s 12 Stages of Healing to support the necessary shift in consciousness for experiencing new depths of wellbeing.

As a visionary, she is aware of blossoming shifts in human consciousness and provides resources and support for this emergence. Her expression reflects a wholistic view, based on quality of life measures.  With compassion and wisdom for our experience, we transform our relationship with ourselves, each other, and the planet.

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