Episode Overview:

This week on Cleared for Profit, Emma interviews Dr. Lulu Shimek, a naturopathic physician with additional training in other healing modalities.

Dr Lulu shares her experiences treating patients with chronic disease and trauma histories. She believes trauma affects us on a cellular level and that conscious entrepreneurs must release this trauma from their cells in order to heal and be fully aligned in their businesses.

Emma shares how she learned the importance of prioritizing her physical health and Dr. Lulu gets specific about how to release cellular trauma.

Guest Information

As a naturopathic physician, my goal is to empower my patients to take charge of their own wellness by providing sustainable health plans. You can think of me as your personal detective finding out what is the root cause of the “dis-ease” by utilizing natural therapies and the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. I also believe strongly in a doctor – patient relationship where we work together to achieve your health vision and your road to success.

My passion is rooted in whole foods and nutrition. I work with my patients to create new lifestyles and relationships with food by a thorough examination of the foundations of health. The healing journey can be compared to an onion with many, many layers. As we work together, these physical, emotional and energetic layers will begin to peel off. This work requires a commitment from the doctor and patient.

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