Episode Overview:

This week on Cleared for Profit, Emma interviews Dr. Debra Sutton, a minister and therapist who teaches graduate courses and workshops. She navigates feelings in places of brokenness, shines light onto sexual shame and integrates sexuality and spirituality.

In the course of her lifetime, Dr Debra learned first, that we don’t talk about sexuality in the religious world and, later that we don’t talk about religion in the world of sexuality education. She finds ways to help people connect their whole selves and to heal their wounded, traumatized places. “We are whole people, with some brokenness within us.”

Dr Debra highlights the hard but important work of being willing to show up in your life, as your true self, even in the face of an unsupportive community. She encourages listeners to add a fourth ‘F’ (to fight, flight or freeze). Tune in for the details!

Guest Information

Debra Sutton is a spiritual leader with a life-long commitment to reconnecting sexuality and spirituality.

As an academic and minister with a PhD in Human Sexuality, Debra teaches graduate courses on sexuality and facilitates various corporate workshops and sacred retreats. As a therapist in private practice in Bryn Mawr, PA, Debra works with individuals and families to navigate healing in places of brokenness, particularly places affected by trauma and shame. As a labyrinth facilitator, Debra has worked to bridge the duality between sexuality and spirituality. Debra’s mosaic spirituality is the combined blessing of being reared in the Catholic Church, ordained in the Am. Baptist Churches USA, and seasoned in Presbyterian sanctuaries and other interfaith experiences.

Her unique gifts of compassion, humor, empathy, and a calm presence enhance her work as a healer, speaker and teacher. Debra is the “soul-proprietor” of Soul-Etudes LLC and can be reached at DrDebraSutton@gmail.com or by calling 484-380-5543.

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