Episode Overview:

This week on Cleared for Profit, Emma interviews Kristine Madera, a world traveler, hypnotherapist, mind-body fitness instructor, bestselling author, and wellness & business coach.

They dig deep into what self-care looks like for people who have experienced trauma, and why empowered self-care is absolutely a non-negotiable when you are upleveling in business.

Guest Information

Health, fitness and nutrition have a central role in Kristine Madera’s life. But they weren’t enough to stem the striving-burnout cycle she experienced with the push to each ambitious new goal—world traveler, hypnotherapist, mind-body fitness instructor, bestselling author, wellness & business coach.

In search of more vitality, she implemented a daily protocol of essential oils and wellness products. Without changing anything else, new clients began to call, speaking opportunities fell into her lap, and income began to rise. The ‘Aha!’ was that when you want to uplevel success, you need to uplevel self-care to support that success.

Kristine helps other success-oriented people use empowered self-care as a success strategy, so that they have the energy and vitality to achieve success, and the health and well-being to enjoy and sustain it.

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