Episode Overview:

This week Emma interviews Stephanie Synclair, an entrepreneur, best-selling author and Metaphysical teacher who made her mark on the world as a high-level marketing coach.

Emma and Stephanie get real about what happens internally for spiritual entrepreneurs as they grow to 7 figures (NO one is talking about this in the coaching industry!). They explore in depth some of the critical elements of that journey, including the temptation to run a business from a place of hustle and grind, and the dysfunction of feast and famine cycles.

They also discuss the importance of stillness, every day, and how hearing the gut feeling that tells you ‘this is wrong’ but doing it anyway inevitably leads to the universe forcing you to face that reality anyway!

Stephanie shares her personal strategies for finding inspiration when the well is dry and the secret of her ‘rest and reset’ schedule. All this, plus tips for using faith to grow your empire, from a multi-seven figure business woman! Tune in now!

Guest Information

Stephanie Synclair is an entrepreneur, best selling author and Metaphysical teacher who made her mark on the world as a high level marketing coach.  During her career she has become one of the highest paid coaches in the industry and crossed 7 figures within the first 4 years in business. One of Stephanie’s secrets to success is combining the spiritual knowledge with business formula in order to create results that are often unheard of in business. Her big mission is to help women create and leave legacies for generations to come.

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