Episode Overview:

In this episode of Cleared for Profit, Emma talks with Dr Bradley Williard, who specializes in the relationship between the self and the voice. He serves on the voice faculty at Mars Hill University in Asheville, NC. Dr. Bradley also maintains a performance career as a dramatic bass.

He and Emma discuss the importance of standing in the truth of who you are and how trauma can impact your voice.

Dr Bradley gives an example of how to address resistance from the body perspective and about the importance of getting out of your own way + taking your purpose seriously.

Guest Information

Dr. Williard’s scientific research and method looks at voice quality as a reflection of the unique coordination between mind, body, and voice. His research shows that in order for this coordination to work most efficiently and effectively, one must come into relationship with the Self, develop self-confidence, and embrace vulnerability. Only then can they discover and express their true authentic voice.

Dr. Williard trained at the Ilse Middendorf Institute for the Perceptible Breath® in Berlin, Germany.  He holds a doctorate in Voice Performance/Vocal Pedagogy from the University of Kentucky, as well as degrees from Manhattan School of Music and UNC School of the Arts. He has served on the administration of both Manhattan School of Music and The Juilliard School, as well as guest breathing clinician at UNC School of the Arts and UNC Chapel Hill. He currently serves on the voice faculty at Mars Hill University in Asheville, NC. Dr. Williard maintains a performance career as a dramatic bass, and has performed with many prestigious opera houses in the United States, as well as two European tours as a soloist and ensemble member of the American Spiritual Ensemble.

Dr. Williard’s continuing research looks at how the area of voice can benefit from cultivating a deeper relationship with the body and “The Breath of Life,” a new way of seeing and sensing the breath grounded in somatic practice, science, and the wisdom traditions.

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