Episode Overview:

In this episode of Cleared for Profit, Emma talks with Camille Stimach, founder of MoneyTrack WNC, which helps couples and individuals to understand their money personalities and implement an effective budget and spending plan.

Emma and Camille discuss fear and scarcity mindset, and the fact that even 6-figure business owners must face their money mindset issues. They dive into the ways in which trauma affects your ability to save money, and what you need to do to start creating financial abundance.

Guest Information

Camille has been in finance for the last 30 years.  She has worked in almost every imaginable aspect of finance and her passion is working with people to get organized, put together a financial plan and feel confident about their finances. Camille combined her psychology degree and her background in finance to create Moneytrack. Money is such a personal and emotionally charged topic for so many people and she loves to help someone get to a place where they feel financially sound and secure.

Camille also started her own non-profit, Dollars and Common Sense, a K-12 program teaching behavioral financial literacy within 8 Madison County and Asheville city schools.

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