Episode Overview:

In this episode, Emma talks with Rosine Kushnick. Rosine uses her intuitive gifts to help clients become more aligned, effective, and influential.

Emma and Rosine discuss how the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are affected by trauma and Rosine helps us see how these archetypes influence our business and personal interactions.

Guest Information

Rosine Kushnick empowers people to heal and love themselves so that they can live their full potential. Rosine aligns and connects her clients to their core, true purpose, and soul, fast-tracking their success in personal relationships and career.

Rosine has an ability to lead her clients, whether that is in private sessions or in retreat settings, into a state of wholeness. Where literally the split off parts come back together and form an empowered, self-loving whole.  

She supports her clients in forming new relationship dynamics, by diving deep into the archetypal energies that inform our behaviors and conditionings, allowing for renewed and meaningful relationships.

Rosine employs her intuitive gift revealing the soul’s true blueprint allowing clients to shape their lives more authentically, leading to a life of more abundance, clarity, and fulfillment.

Rosine has been intrigued by the mysteries of life since she was a very young girl. Born in Basel, Switzerland on a small family farm, she became aware of the ability to read the energies of both people and animals around her.

Through a profound personal healing journey Rosine discovered, honed and developed her own abilities to deeply support others in living their full potential.

Rosine draws on a wide range of knowledge, including Completion Process, conceived and taught by Teal Swan, Soul Realignment, Innergetics, Matrix Energetics, Reiki, Holo-Synchronous Energetic Technology Systems, MJoy, Herbalism, Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy, among others. Rosine is an avid learner, and constantly adding new (and ancient!) modalities to her practice.

Rosine’s clients are growing in leaps and bounds, releasing energetic and emotional blocks that have been holding them back in making the difference and impact they yearn to make. She artfully guides leaders of movements and heart-centered businesses through Soul-Based Business Alignment and Soul-Centered Business Strategies. As her clients become more aligned, effective, and influential, this same effortless ease and growing authenticity in their personal lives results in natural and organic business expansion and development.

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