Episode Overview:

Emma talks with Christy Mattoon, owner of Mind Rewire – Tools for Subconscious Change.

Christy draws from her personal experience and extensive study in Nutrition, Personal Training and Energy Healing to help clients heal their trauma. Christy and Emma discuss how to retrain your conscious and subconscious mind to align with your soul, and move into balance and health.

Guest Information

Through her business, Mind Rewire – Tools for Subconscious Change, Christy Mattoon helps clients around the world escape the captivity and tricks of the subconscious mind.  Motivated by her own healing journey, Christy has completed training and certifications in a variety of healing modalities, including: Nutrition, Personal Training, Muscle Testing and Kinetics,  Neurokinetic Therapy, Energy Pschyology, Psych-k, Associative Awareness Technique, Reiki, and Shamanism.

Christy’s passion is to help others clear their subconscious of those “unprocessed leftovers that send you into emotional places” and prevent a joyful existence. “I love working with people who say they have tried everything and nothing seems to work” Christy says. “All that means to me is you missed something.  Lets change the information you are living by and see what changes…”

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