Episode Overview:

This week on Cleared for Profit, Emma interviews Marian Hobson. Marian is a sales guide for service based entrepreneurs who is passionate about working with alternative health professionals and coaches to help them get their message out into the world in a big way.

They had a great conversation about how trauma impacts sales for service based entrepreneurs. Tune in now!

Guest Information

Marian Hobson grew up as the 9th of 10 kids on 70 acres of land just south of Asheville, NC. Left to romp around in the woods most of her days, Marian enjoyed spent much of her time creating better flow for streams, or inspiring her siblings and neighbors to take adventures.

While she struggled in school she learned to draw upon her strengths in group presentations and intuition to create an A/B average and get into college. Having always dreamed of becoming a doctor to help and heal, Marian was disappointed that her skills would not help her in the high level math & science classes required for medical school entrance.

Her desires to help and heal, however, never went away. They instead developed into an advertising sales and then real estate sales career. While she was extremely successful Marian was tired of rehabbing homes and businesses. After exploring every possible business opportunity Marian settled on a coaching career. What she didn’t know was that this career would take her on a journey to rehab herself. The changes and growth have led Marian to create many of her most wildest dreams!

She now enjoys using skills developed in the woods of her youth to create energy flow for her clients as they live out their business adventures.

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