At the end of our 90 day Intensive, you will have:

Gold-checkmark-50px-transp A social media platform that speaks directly to your dream clients.

Gold-checkmark-50px-transp Positioning of your offers and brand that has you stand out in the marketplace.

Gold-checkmark-50px-transp Powerful organic and website messaging that stops your perfect people in their tracks, even if they are brand new to your world, so they know you are the perfect person to buy from.

Gold-checkmark-50px-transp An offer suite that keeps people in your world, long term, with an upsell strategy that feels natural and easy.

Gold-checkmark-50px-transp A lead magnet that converts cold leads into hot prospects, with a built-out funnel, including landing pages and an email campaign

Gold-checkmark-50px-transp A general nurture email campaign that leads people effortlessly into other offers that you have, so they stay in your world long term.

Gold-checkmark-50px-transp Sales Conversations, or DM conversations, that convert incredibly well, so your dream clients buy instantly.

Here’s how the ABUNDANT LEADS
90-Day Private Intensive works…

Number 1.Blue Gold


The first step in alignment is to understand the exact way you are meant to be doing business that feels so brilliant for you, and effortlessly creates you the success that you want.

You will receive a customized Client Attraction Blueprint 40+ page Report before your first session, which highlights exactly how your soul is designed to operate in 6 KEY AREAS of YOUR BUSINESS: Offers, Marketing, Sales, Clients, Team, and Business Systems. 


Step #2 is to look at your current marketing strategy, and identify exactly what needs to tweak, change, or be added, so you are utilizing a strategy uniquely aligned to you. We ensure that you're marketing in a way that not only feels good to you, but deeply resonates with your dream clients.

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Number 3.BlueGold


In Step 3, we ensure that every aspect of your marketing - including your messaging, positioning, ideal audience, calls to action, lead magnet, social media platform, offer suite and your sales process are in alignment so that your dream clients know instantly that you can help them and are ready to pay in full.

Let me show you how to attract brand new dream clients, and keep them in your world long term.

You'll Receive 90 Days of Private Access to Me,

  • A 60-Minute Intensive to identify your aligned marketing strategy that is easy to implement and even easier for your dream clients to say yes to
  • Five 30-minute Sessions - focused on your lead magnet, email campaign, social media, messaging, and offer suite - so that every aspect of your marketing strategy is positioned to speak only to your dream clients 
  • Support via Voice Messaging to shift things throughout our time together
  • A Diagnostic of your Marketing Strategy and Offer Suite
  • Strategy to get people to buy instantly during sales and DM conversations
  • Energetic Clearing and Activation to shift whatever is in your way - to make it so easy, so clear, and so aligned for you to have the success you want (BONUS)
  • A personalized Client Attraction Blueprint 40+ page report that showcase your soul gifts and how to apply them in your business (BONUS)

For over 25 years I've helped thousands of online business owners just like you call in ideal clients from your existing audience.Emma-VIP-Email-Pic1

With two masters degrees, as a PhD candidate in Conscious Business Ethics, and as a business owner myself for 25+ years, I've got an intimate understanding of how to blend the metaphysical and practical to achieve astounding business growth

I can pinpoint exactly why you're not getting the results you desire with your offers, messaging, and marketing, and show you exactly what your target audience needs to hear to buy instantly.

My psychic skills, and my experience understanding your unique soul gifts, give you the secret sauce you've been missing.

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