The truth is, I am a rule breaker.

I honestly can’t help myself.

I do not like being constricted by other people, institutions, or society's concepts about how I should and should not show up.

Once again I’m breaking the rules on how spiritually conscious entrepreneurs are “supposed” to manifest.

🔥 I’m about to show you how I create magic with money.

🔥 How I went from $500 in monthly sales to a multi-six figure biz in 1 year with a basic website and no email list.

🔥 How I'm scaling my biz to 7 figures as I type this.

🔥 How my clients double, triple, and quadruple their income, find themselves, and grow their empires.

99% of coaches out there are not teaching this path of manifestation.

Hint: it’s not rocket science. In fact, it’s fairly simple.

But most people don’t think about manifestation in such a practical, down to earth way.

The truth is that you are always manifesting.

Whether you get what you desire or not, you are always manifesting.

Sometimes we think we are bad manifestors because we are constantly getting the opposite of what we are trying to manifest.

Here is the truth: you’re not bad at manifesting. You’re manifesting exactly what you want on an energetic level.

You can think about what you want to manifest all day, but if you aren't an energetic match to it, it won’t happen.

Let’s change that!

You create your reality, boo.

Everything that happens in your circumstances is a mirror of what’s happening for you internally.

Question: what if you could manifest more consciously, and exercise that muscle of manifesting what you truly desire, not what you don’t want?

It’s possible, once you understand what you’re actually doing unconsciously that is causing things to happen in your reality.

All too often I see conscious entrepreneurs struggle to build their business empires and get ahead financially because they don't understand Universal law and how use it to catapult their manifestation process and get the results they deserve.

Everyone teaches the same thing… Study the Law of Attraction.

Make a vision board.

Ask. Believe. Receive.

Yet there are still so many people who aren't getting results.


Because there's so much more to manifestation than meets the eye.

If you’re not manifesting the results that you desire in your life and business than there is a good chance your energy is the problem.

Introducing … Manifesting for Reals!

This is for the entrepreneur who wants to learn the REAL way to manifest that creates results, like MAGIC!!

Manifesting for Reals is an online training to rock your manifesting skills with Conscious Business Mentor Emma Churchman, to use Universal Law in a way NO ONE has ever taught you, to radically simplify your manifesting process and learn the 5 Steps that will have you manifesting money NOW!

P.S. Vision Boards not required.

Here’s what’s included in Manifesting for Reals:

  • Lifetime access to 5 training videos
  • Lifetime access to 5 worksheets to help you dive DEEP into the teaching
  • Lifetime access to 6 Question & Answer videos to support you in having the breakthroughs you desire


  • Emma Churchman

    “Emma Churchman kicks Manifesting B*tt! Her no nonsense and grounded approach touched me on all levels. She clearly knows her stuff...and ours, too! With precision and love, she gets to the heart of what it takes for conscious entrepreneurs to get out there and be a success. We definitely need more like her on this planet!!! Thanks, Emma! ”

    Seriously Orange Studio

  • Emma Churchman

    “Manifesting for Reals was grounding, illuminating and empowering! Each time I work with Emma I feel myself daring to stake my claim in a territory that feels promptly terrifying and strangely familiar. Once again, Emma constantly mirrored the beauty, power and greatness in me that I sometimes doubt I possess. She challenged me. I leaned in. I climbed through some mud and muck and came out clearer, cleaner and more committed than ever to just get the hell out of the way and allow my Manifesting Genius to shine! Emma’s “for reals”, peeps.”

    Feminine Leadership Mentor and Voice Empowerment Master

  • Emma Churchman

    “Manifesting for Reals was an eye opener. Yes, I've had success with manifesting in the past, but never achieved any consistent results. Emma explains the concepts clearly, and I love the energy she puts out. She is not afraid to speak some hard truths. I loved the challenge and recommend it to anyone interested in Manifesting for Reals. ”


  • Emma Churchman

    “Manifesting for Reals brought clarity to a lot of questions I had been grappling with. As a solopreneur, I don't have a lot of folks to talk to or grow with. Having daily videos with a consistent message and homework kept me focused on the intentions I came in with. My business has shifted in big ways and my marketing and sales funnel just simplified dramatically. ”

    Energy Healing + Marketing Consulting

  • Emma Churchman

    “I’ve watched and listened to Emma at least a year now for various topic discussions/self growth/intuitive development so I already knew she’d be fantastic, grounded and detailed. Her grounding is what attracts my energy - nothing phases her, she can easily hold space for others. It’s calming. I received deep deep breakthroughs from Manifesting for Reals that I hadn’t even known needed to be worked through. She gave precise instructions of how to heal further and action steps to support that growth in business and manifesting. Emma’s gifts are numerous - and she opens her gifts freely and healthily as she holds space and boundaries. I was honored and super impressed with my experience. ”

    Health and Wellness Coach

  • Emma Churchman

    “Manifesting for Reals was my first real experience with manifesting and it exceeded all my expectations and dissolved my resistances too. It supported me to experience myself as the powerful Creator of my reality. I'm embodying "I am Powerful" in a whole new way--and powerlessness to true power has been one of my big journeys in this life. It illuminated the pattern that my ego creates physical sickness to stop me from expansion and action-taking. And encouraged me to be the creator of my health, declaring my healthiness and choose high vibration activities to keep me healthy. I'm clear now that the key to experiencing my desires as reality is taking aligned action that flows from being the Creator of my reality. And that my ego will eventually fall in line with that divine leadership. ”


  • Emma Churchman

    “Emma's clear teaching and coaching around manifesting is both practical and inspiring. Having a perceptive, experienced guide like Emma keeps you on track and moving forward to your goals, plus she's a lot fun!”

  • Emma Churchman

    “This training helped me get clear on my desires, understand my power to create my reality, and how to drop my "limiting beliefs" that were in my way of getting my desires; I found a new way to approach my work and my life; I feel lighter, encouraged, and optimistic about what's next. I highly recommend Manifesting for Reals!”

  • Emma Churchman

    “Emma killed it in this training. The content was powerful and applicable instantly. Her presence, care, and attention allowed me to gain more awareness of what's inhibiting me in the manifestation process. As a result, I was able to gain clarity and take big action in my business immediately! Emma is genuine and real and if you are looking for a connective experience to elevate your business and life, learning from Emma is for you. ”

    Highly Conscious Wellness Coach

  • Emma Churchman

    “I truly appreciate Emma’s no-BS way of talking about manifestation and consciousness. This training helped me get more in tune with what I really want in my business and to actually start taking more direct action to get there. ”

    Northwest Life Medicine Clinic

  • Emma Churchman

    “While I feel I have a clear understanding of how to manifest, I appreciate Emma's ability to convey the spiritual significance of abundance. The idea that my divine nature, by design, should fully expect money to flow in my direction. Of course my work has value and without question it becomes an easy exchange for money. That understanding immediately shifts my vibration higher! ”

  • Emma Churchman

    “Working with Emma Churchman is always a fantastic experience and she brought it to a great new level with Manifesting for Reals! I am thrilled with my new insight and am launching a new class because of her intuitive assistance aimed straight at me! ”

    Master Healer

  • Emma Churchman

    “This training with Emma came up at the perfect time as i was feeling stuck in my progress. What resonated with me in particular was the dissonance that can appear when we manifest as well as the ego and fear that keep me from following through with one goal at a time. I live fully with all I need but rarely work towards what I desire. I wasn’t thinking in terms of allowing myself to want more than I need so this is a huge revelation. ”

    To the Core Pilates Studio

I'm on a mission to help spiritually conscious entrepreneurs make a shit ton of money doing their genius so they can put their money where their hearts are and change the face of our global economy.


That’s why I’ve made this course super affordable. Because the world needs you to step into your genius!



P.S. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to do this training, I guarantee that how you are showing up in your life and your business RIGHT NOW will NEVER get you the new results that you desire. Because the whole problem is that your ENERGY needs to change in order to get new results.

Manifesting for Reals will teach you how to change your energy so that you can ACTUALLY manifest what you keep fantasizing about.