Episode Overview:

This episode focuses on Mindset Strategy #13 – Lead with Desire.

The leader of your business determines your success. A lot of entrepreneurs allow fear to lead and dictate their business. What if there was something else longing to lead that could generate true abundance for you?


So many of us actually block desire. The intention of this exercise is to help you recognize when you are disallowing desire in your business.

Take some time to get clear on exactly what stories are keeping you from your desire. Maybe you are telling yourself that it doesn’t make logical sense to focus on desire, or that it’s not okay for you to do or have what you love, or that it’s not safe to tap into your desire.

You can journal about this, talk with a friend about it, and if you have a coach or therapist, talk with them about it – because those folks are great at helping you unpack what is holding you back!

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Emma Churchman
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