Episode Overview:

This episode focuses on Mindset Strategy #15 – Get Good with Your Shadow Side.

Being positive all the time actually isn’t great for business. Say what?!? Discover in this episode why your new age approach of being all-positive, all the time is draining the money out of your business.


Allow yourself to start looking at your deeper motivations for being in business. If you’re not sure how to articulate your shadow side, use the 7 deadly sins as a guide: pride, wrath, greed, lust, envy, sloth, gluttony.

Consider the following questions:

Who do you want to prove wrong? What injustices really piss you off? How much money do you really want to make and why? What other entrepreneur are you envious of and why?, If you could create a shortcut to your success, what could that be?, If you had all the abundance you desire, what would that allow for you?

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Emma Churchman
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