Episode Overview:

This episode focuses on Mindset Strategy #17 – Be 100% Authentic.

Most of us hide parts of who we are. In business, this can have a dire effect on sales. We hide because we feel shame, or we are afraid of rejection, or of being visible.

If you weren’t ashamed of who you are what would be possible? You would be overwhelmed by abundance and your own success. In business, how you feel about yourself has a direct impact on your sales, and therefore your own abundance.

In this episode we dive into how you need to show up in your business, and especially in sales!, to get the results you truly desire.


Create a daily practice, at the end of each day, of writing down 3 things that you liked about yourself that day. They don’t have to be big things – like I am a kind person, they can be small, like I didn’t lose my temper in traffic, or I am making the effort to try this exercise even if I’m not sure it will work.

Keep at this practice for a minimum of 21 days, because it takes 21 days to create an energetic tipping point. The goal is to bolster your self-esteem, so that you begin to release the need for approval from other people.

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Emma Churchman
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