Episode Overview:

This episode focuses on Mindset Strategy #8 – Manage Your Resistance.

There are lots of times when your gorgeous, giant brain has helped you out in life and business. But when it comes to making money, your brain (ego) actually gets in the way. In this episode we dig into how that happens, and what to do about it!


Stop and notice every time you are NOT taking action in your business. Ask yourself, why am I not taking this action?

If your reason is because you forgot, you need to do more research, you don’t have the time/energy/money, you’re not sure exactly what to do, you need to have other things in place first, your family needs your attention first, or you can’t seem to get motivated to take action odds are you are in resistance.

So what you want to do is start to track when you are in resistance and not in resistance. Because awareness around resistance is super powerful. The goal is for you to get to the point where you can acknowledge resistance is present, AND you can still move forward and take action anyway.

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Emma Churchman
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