Emma’s Lineage

Here is an incomplete chronology of what led me to become an Executive Coach and Spiritual Advisor.

  • Born into a very intellectual family, I have a BA in human development and social relations from Earlham College in Richmond, IN (1995), a Masters of Divinity degree from Earlham School of Religion (2013), a Masters of Metaphysics degree from the University of Sedona, and am currently a PhD candidate in Conscious Business Ethics.
  • I grew up in the Washington, DC area. I was homeschooled in elementary school - which primarily consisted of volunteering at soup kitchens and homeless shelters, and protesting for social justice causes.
  • I have experienced a lot of trauma in my lifetime. For many, my childhood upbringing seems like the kind of thing you only see in made-for-TV movies. You know, all of the things you never want to experience. For me, I understand now that everything I experienced emotionally, physically, and sexually as a child prepared me for being able to understand and empathize with the depths of humanity and truly meet people where they’re at.
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  • Despite my “traumatic” upbringing, I knew that I had a BIG mission in the world. I had many childhood experiences with intuition, and understanding people at a deep level. I have always been told that I am an old soul. I’ve always known that I am special.

  • I started my first business when I was 24 years old - a consulting agency serving arts organizations in the Washington, DC metropolitan area focused on corporate sponsorships and events. Our clients ranged from the Shakespeare Theatre to community arts organizations. I learned a TON about running a company serving multiple large organizations, and got a taste for my love of entrepreneurism. I learned that I LOVE managing systems, and that I had a passion for working with CEOs and business owners.
  • When I was 28 years old I had an overnight experience where I came to understand that I am psychic. At the beginning of my psychic journey I saw dead people, I helped souls cross over, I energetically cleared haunted houses, and did all of those psychic things that look great on television. Honestly it was a very overwhelming time for me, because I was picking up everything psychically through my emotions. I was embodying the emotional state of the souls I was encountering. During that time it was hard for me to gauge what reality was because I was experiencing so much in the non-physical realm.
  • That led me to seek out training and teachings to help me better understand how to work with my psychic abilities. The journey began with me becoming a Level 3 Reiki Practitioner, then certified in Energy Healing, and finally training for several years as a Core Shamanic Practitioner with a wonderful Celtic shaman from Wales. I also participated in Landmark teachings during this time, and continued to work with a personal therapist, which I had done on and off since college, processing the trauma of my childhood.
  • I'm also a 12th generation Quaker (which is about as far back as our religion goes). (Yes, I do use electricity, and NO Quaker is not the same thing as Amish, and yes I do eat oatmeal.)
  • In 2004 I was also named as a minister in the Religious Society of Friends (Quaker). In our tradition ministers are named, rather than appointed after attending seminary. 
  • I spent the next ten years actively serving as a Quaker minister - as a spiritual director turned trauma chaplain turned home hospice chaplain - before embracing working with patterns of death and rebirth with conscious entrepreneurs as a transformational leader and spiritual teacher.
  • In 2007 I began teaching young adult leadership development to college-aged Quakers. And my first Anchor Committee was created (in Quaker tradition, this is a group of Quakers who “anchor” someone in their ministry - meeting with the minister regularly to listen for how God is guiding them.)
  • From 2007-2008 I participated in the Way of Ministry program through School of the Spirit, a Quaker organization decided to enrich the ministry in the Quaker tradition. There I met my peer ministers support group: 4 of us who have traveled together now for over a dozen years, meeting monthly (and sometimes weekly) to support our individual ministries.
  • Eventually in 2010 I did go to seminary, to figure out what it meant to me to be a Quaker and a shaman/psychic. 
  • While in seminary full time pursuing a Master's of Divinity degree I continued to teach young adult leadership development to Quaker undergraduates, serving on the faculty of the college my seminary is associated with.
  • I also had a private practice as a spiritual director, working with everyone from other Quaker ministers-in-training to farmers living in the small farming community in which I resided, helping them understand how to navigate their own psychic abilities and capacity to see spirits on their land.
  • While in seminary I became certified as an Akashic Records practitioner, with Andrrea Hess, founder of Soul Realignment, and continued to study and work with her for the next 7 years, including privately.
  • In 2012 Spirit told me to move to Asheville, NC to pursue my calling. For the first 4 years in Asheville I worked first as a trauma chaplain at a Level 1 trauma center, followed by working as a home hospice chaplain in a small county in North Carolina, where I went into trailers, cabins, and shacks, and helped many Appalachians die, and their families to grieve. In both of these chaplain roles, I served primarily a Southern Baptist, rural population, which was significant, because Southern Baptists don’t recognize women as ministers, yet in my experience 95% of these patients and families welcomed me with open arms into their homes and hearts. During that time I also completed 5 units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE).
  • Helping hundreds of people die over a period of years was such a significant experience for me, I felt well-used for my spiritual gifts, both as a minister and as a psychic. And, honestly, it was psychologically and physically draining to always be with people who were dying, especially because in both of those roles I was frequently on call for 24 hour+ shifts.
  • All of the time I served as a chaplain I was also continuing to build my private practice, transitioning from in person when I was in seminary, to an online business once I moved to Asheville. I was still marketing myself as a spiritual director/life coach at that time.
  • I also noticed that all of my private clients who came to me for spiritual direction were entrepreneurs and business owners who deeply desired to know how to work with their own souls to grow their businesses in a way that felt good to them. So just like I can read the energetic signature of a person, I came to discover that I could read the energetic signature of a business, and “see” what was in and out of alignment in the business, without even understanding the nature of the business. 
  • I began reading the energies of my clients businesses and made suggestions for changes to bring their marketing, sales, business systems, offers, etc. into alignment. And then my clients started making more money. Overnight I became a business coach.
  • In 2015 I decided to pursue my calling full time as an Executive Coach and Spiritual Advisor to CEOs and business owners. I got my own business into alignment and grew a multi-six figure business in 12 months, that has increased consistently since that time.
  • At that time I also began a deep study of the Universal Laws, which continues to this day. Much of this has been through reading the classics, and also through many programs and seminars with David Neagle.
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  • That same year I also began coaching with Therese Skelly, who was the first coach to teach me about marketing to conscious folks, and who helped to call out my authentic voice in my marketing and branding.
  • In 2019 I entered a PhD program in Conscious Business Ethics through the University of Sedona, because the underlying question I have carried within myself for the past 15 years is, how do we do business in a way that is aligned ethically and morally with ourselves and our values?  This program allows me to pursue that question and integrate it into my work as a spiritual advisor.
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I also wish to recognize these teachers, colleagues, authors, family and friends for their influence on my life and work:

Marge Abbott, Martha Beck, Casey Benedict, Brent Bill, Jeff Boudreaux, Brene Brown, Peggy Diggs, Rich German, Malcolm Gladwell, Sandra Grace, Lee Harris, Elizabeth Harvey, Gay Hendricks, Brad Hess, Napoleon Hill, Ken and Katherine Jacobsen, Angella Johnson, , Darla LeDoux,  Jennifer Longmore, Irene Lyon, Marcelle Martin, Susan McClellan, Zac Moon, David Neagle,  Parker Palmer, Allison Randall, Myra Reichel, Jeff Rickey, Callan Rush, Therese Skelly,  Stephanie Synclair, Jeffrey Van Dyk, Wallace Wattles,  as well as, of course, all of my clients and members of my community.