You can sell anything at any price.

You don't need a big audience in order to have $100k months, you just need to know how to talk to them.

I turn cold prospects into new dream clients every day - through email, DM conversations, and 15 minute sales conversations.

80% of these people are brand new to my world.

I’ve done this with $3k - $100k offers - and I want to show you exactly what I do to get these results.

This is a 30 day private intensive focused on sales - for established online business owners who have got your messaging down, and your offers are genius - but they aren’t selling like hotcakes.

During your 30 day Intensive, you will...

Gold-checkmark-50px-transp Turn cold prospects into hot new clients

Gold-checkmark-50px-transp Learn the secret to short (or no) sales conversations that have your ideal clients enrolling in $3,000 - $100,000 offers

Gold-checkmark-50px-transp Refine your sales process to ensure that every step - from the moment a prospect interacts with you to when client delivery begins - is fully optimized


 Identify and remove any internal blocks hindering you selling to a new audience, or with new prices

Gold-checkmark-50px-transp End any confusion your prospective clients have about whether or not you are the right person to hire

Gold-checkmark-50px-transp Have complete confidence, clarity, and authority in your DM conversations with prospects, as well as your sales conversations


 Shorten your sales conversations (no more 45 minute - 1 hour convos to enroll a cold prospect)

Gold-checkmark-50px-transp Learn sales mindset and transformational selling (BONUS)

Here’s how the SALES UNLEASED 
30-Day Private Intensive works…

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The first step in improving your sales, is to look at your sales metrics: how prospective clients find you, what causes them to ask to buy, and how they respond to your sales process and calls to action, to identify what to shift to increase conversion immediately.


Step #2 is to understand what you're currently doing in your sales process: from the moment a prospective client or customer expresses interest, to when the sale is complete and delivery begins.

I'll review your sales funnel, including any landing pages or application forms, as well as listen to a sales conversation you record, to give you minute-by-minute feedback on refining your conversations to increase conversion. 

You'll also discover how to do sales in a way that works uniquely for you - that feels genuine, authentic, and full of integrity.

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In Step #3, you implement the changes we make to your sales process and conversations. We'll strengthen your sales skills as well as your process, so that interacting with prospects becomes easy. I'll support you in your conversations with prospective clients - tuning into their energy and what they need to hear to buy from you - in integrity with your offers and genius. This will happen for the entire 30 days of the intensive.

Let me show you how to easily increase your revenue.

You'll Receive 30 Days of Private Access to Me,

Gold-checkmark-50px-transp A 60-Minute Intensive to review and refine your sales process, and ensure that every step - from the moment a prospect interacts with you to when client delivery begins - is fully aligned with your goals and your ideal clients desires

Gold-checkmark-50px-transp Two 30-minute Sales Sessions to make sure your sales conversations, DM conversations, and Calls to Action ensure strong conversion

Gold-checkmark-50px-transp Support via Voice Messaging to shift things throughout our time together

Gold-checkmark-50px-transp The Art of Influence Sales Course: A DIY course that teaches you sales mindset and transformational selling (BONUS)

Gold-checkmark-50px-transp A personalized Client Attraction Blueprint 40+ page report that showcase your soul gifts and how to apply them in your business (BONUS)

For over 25 years I've helped thousands of online business owners just like you call in ideal clients from your existing audience.Emma-VIP-Email-Pic1

With two masters degrees, as a PhD candidate in Conscious Business Ethics, and as a business owner myself for 25+ years, I've got an intimate understanding of how to blend the metaphysical and practical to achieve astounding business growth

I can pinpoint exactly why you're not getting the results you desire with your offers, messaging, and marketing, and show you exactly what your target audience needs to hear to buy instantly.

My psychic skills, and my experience understanding your unique soul gifts, give you the secret sauce you've been missing.

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