What is a Spiritual Advisor?


A traditional Executive Coach may not know how to speak with you about God...


A Business Strategist may not know how to speak with you about YOU...

ArrowA Spiritual Director may not know how to speak with you about Business.

A Spiritual Advisor is someone in your corner who has the depth of training and experience to hold you tenderly as a whole human being--not just a Job Title or Role--and understands the behind-the-scenes reality and strategy of business growth, as well as the immense pressure of constant decision making. 

(Can you feel just how nurturing that will be?)

A Spiritual Advisor puts YOU at the center of your decision making process. 

(This is how you save time, energy, and money.)

A Spiritual Advisor knows how to integrate your internal compass with your external decisions. 

(This is what saves you from burnout and decision fatigue.)

You know that leading with your internal guidance--and trusting yourself and your decision making--will give you the fulfillment and peace you crave.

(This doesn't have to be a fantasy...this absolutely CAN be the way your business works.)

Working with me is the answer.

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