What if you’re not where you want to be?

What if you haven't accomplished all the things?

Do you believe that it’s too late?

Have you given up?

🔥 That’s complete bullshit! Let me tell you why. 🔥

Everything you want, everything you desire starts with you being an energetic match to that thing. 💥

All you have to do is raise your frequency, become a vibrational and energetic match to your desire and it’s as good as yours. 💥

It's Universal Law.

The truth is that our circumstances are a mirror of our vibrational state.

I know that’s a hard pill to swallow because that means that we are responsible for our current circumstances. And if your circumstances are not ideal, then that begs the question…

Why would I choose this for myself?

We often try to change our circumstances without understanding how and where true change comes from.

Change does not come from just changing our thoughts.

Change does not come from just changing our feelings.

Real change comes from a shift in our vibration.

Whatever plan you craft from your current state is only going to get you what you are currently manifesting.

💥 You will not be able to achieve your goals until you shift your vibration. 💥

 I’ve seen this time and time again.

You spend years standing at the edge of the cliff, educating yourself, talking to others, preparing to jump.

You think that you are taking action towards your goals but you are a constant phase of getting ready to EVENTUALLY make a bold move towards your desire.

What you don't realize is because you are so busy, you can’t see that you are on the same cliff doing busy work instead of just jumping.

Allow me to help you jump.

I created this training to help you learn how to uplevel your vibration and get the results you want…. FAST!

Introducing … Uplevel Your Vibration!…

An online training to uplevel your vibration with Conscious Business Mentor Emma Churchman, to tap into what you truly want on a soul based level, shift your vibration to create new and lasting results, and embody and fully allow for your desires to come to fruition.

P.S. I’m not talking vision-board, cross-your-fingers, think-positive woo-woo vibrational magic. I’m talking about the type of magic that lights you, your life, and your business on fire. Magic that comes from your SOUL. Inspired, practical, grounded, limitless magic. Want some of that?

Here’s what’s included in Uplevel Your Vibration:

  • Lifetime access to five training videos
  • Lifetime access to five worksheets to help you dive DEEP into the teaching
  • Lifetime access to six Question & Answer videos to support you in having the breakthroughs you desire
  • Finally getting the results that you want…always!

Here’s what has happened for some of the people who completed this training:

  • 5 new clients in one week!
  • A dozen new scheduled sessions within an hour of sending out a newsletter!
  • Created a new webinar and sales funnel!
  • Put together a brand new membership program!
  • Stopped second guessing myself!
  • I can see now that I am on the right path!
  • Created more time in my schedule and an action plan that feels easy to implement!
  • Emma Churchman

    “Emma’s wisdom, insights, and exercises have already helped me shift my vibe and transform my business so that I'm accelerating toward my goal (like a freakin' comet!). Emma is a spiritual rockstar! ”

    Author of the Repo Girl series and Publisher at Blue Morpho Books

  • Emma Churchman

    “If you feel stuck in your business, Emma is a master at helping you shift vibration to uplevel your business - and your life. It can happen FAST so strap on your seatbelt! ”

    Business Owner, Life and Career Coach

  • Emma Churchman

    “The Five Day Shift was fantastic! I am so clear and focused towards not JUST taking action, but taking action in alignment with my highest vibration goals. ”

  • Emma Churchman

    “Super solid content that is practical for understanding, doing, and being, and takes upleveling all the way through from concepts to realities in bite size pieces. Emma holds a strong container of support that builds confidence and success. ”

  • Emma Churchman

    “I have a new understanding of vibration after taking this workshop, and I am able to notice where I need to consistently take aligned action which includes doing new things that may not have anything to do with my business directly. ”

    Align Physical Therapy

  • Emma Churchman

    “Emma has a unique awesome way of expressing things so people can understand on a deeper level what’s really going on energetically when we up level. ”

    General Contractor

  • Emma Churchman

    “Emma's work is the perfect blend of the woo-woo and practical. She really understands the journey of the conscious entrepreneur and offers loads of good advice. I'm so grateful I found her work, she is a true resource. ”

  • Emma Churchman

    “Emma's trainings come in from left field and shake up the ordinary. I am confident to build my business according to my own alignment. That is huge stuff! ”

    Spiritual Director

  • Emma Churchman

    “The workshop allowed me to take the steps necessary to actually up level my vibration not just knowing that it's important but actually taking the actions. It was short and easy to follow and I had fun creating! ”

  • Emma Churchman

    “The Five Day Shift Workshop helped me to really get how trying to lead my business from my head doesn't work and the importance of managing my vibration and taking only soul-aligned action. ”

    Divine Juicy Life

  • Emma Churchman

    “I was able to take a step back and re-evaluate my business and really examine if I was in alignment with all aspects of my business. I was pushing, pushing, and pushing to get things done and this was going nowhere fast! Thank you Emma for your great insight and helping me get back on track to empowerment! ”

    Naturopathic Physician, Epione Clinic for Integrated Healing

  • Emma Churchman

    “I love the way Emma explains how to work through and take action from a mindset and spiritual perspective. It is so easy to spiral downwards and repeat bad habits during times of growth, and her shift workshop and mini-challenges are a great way to get back on track and create a big shift fast. ”

    Evi D. Consulting

Emma Churchman

“I loved how practical The Five Day Shift was. There was a lot of food for thought, breathtaking ideas, perspectives with a twist (at least for my brain) so it was impossible to understand it all without putting it into practice. And those practical steps I took taught me that it's not about this life changing one-big-shift, but tiny, moment by moment decisions, followed by simple tasks (often things I’m already doing), over and over again. Like reminding myself that I already always AM my soul energy and it’s just a question whether or not I remember and express that with whatever I’m doing in the moment. The training helped me understand deeply that the energy with which I experience life really is the foundation for everything else and that it’s this dance between making a decision and following it, in small AND big ways. It was a super supportive experience. I felt like Emma was walking me through everything personally with the videos and then the worksheets. Thank you so much! The training to me made a lot of sense for life in general, and now equipped with this new awareness I feel capable of applying it to all the different areas of my business as well. ”

Ruth Krijah Art

Emma Churchman

“I had a very challenging childhood and early adulthood, which left me feeling like I was destined for suffering and a sub-par life despite the talents I knew I have. I have done a lot of physical and energetic cleansing through the years, but I always struggled with being connected to people, which is paramount for being an entrepeneur. Since starting my doTERRA business, I have started breaking down that barrier, but I was still struggling getting people to respond to all of the classes and contacts I was making. Since I've completed The Five Day Shift Workshop, I no longer feel burdened by work and enjoy completing my tasks. I do not feel rushed because I know I have plenty of time. I have opened my heart and am trusting and quickly acting on my intuition as it guides me to the right next steps. I have people reaching out to me for oil info and consistent attendees at my classes. I am increasing my sales by 35% this month and hitting my next rank advancement. Thanks to Emma for putting all of the pieces together regarding energetics and manifestation!”


I'm on a mission to help spiritually conscious entrepreneurs make a shit ton of money doing their genius so they can put their money where their hearts are and change the face of our global economy.


That’s why I’ve made this course super affordable. Because the world needs you to step into your genius!



P.S. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to do this training, I guarantee that how you are showing up in your life and your business RIGHT NOW will NEVER get you the new results that you desire. Because the whole problem is that your ENERGY needs to change in order to get new results.

This training will teach you how to up level your vibration so that you can ACTUALLY get the results you keep fantasizing about.