What is Your Soul Purpose, Really?

What is your Soul's purpose?

Let me go ahead and save you the TWO decades (and the $100,000) it took me to figure out what my soul purpose is:

The purpose of EVERY SOUL is to express your divinity into your humanity.

Let me repeat that (because it’s that good!): the purpose of every soul is to express your divinity into your humanity.

How do you recognize your own soul gifts - your own divinity?

Let me begin by telling you what NOT to do ….

To discover your own gifts and divinity do not sit down and try to figure yourself out - or go to a psychic or do some online personality tests. Those things just lead you down a rabbit hole of too much information and not enough clarity.

Because the truth is that when we engage deeply within our human experience we get to know ourselves.

The only way we really know about ourselves is through our experiences of ourselves. There are two components to engaging deeply in the human experience that will lead us to self-knowledge.

First - by creating the experience that we want. The reason why most people don’t create the life experience they want is because most people just allow themselves to take the path of least resistance. The only way to get to new consequences - to get to a new life experience - is to make new choices.

Hiker in woods facing choice of two paths

In order to engage deeply in our human experience we have to dedicate ourselves to learning to manifest effectively and to make choices for our vibrational state that align to congruence.

The second way that we can learn about our purpose and gifts is by engaging with others. There is a reason we are all in this human experience together! Because in contrasting with others, we can compare ourselves to someone - this is how we know what we are good at and what we are not gifted in!

So what are your spiritual gifts? A lot of times the clients I serve have a lot of confusion about what their spiritual gifts are.

Because sometimes your spiritual gifts, what I term your soul expression, just isn’t that sexy or exciting.

For example, there are some souls who have this beautiful energy of divine order. They can take any situation, person or space and create order and harmony from chaos and confusion. Is that sexy? No. Is it helpful and necessary for so very many people? Heck yes.

You likely are already aware of what your soul expression is - there may be patterns in your life that speak to it. For me, my expression is to empower others to be their most authentic selves. For you it might be teaching or healing. We get confused when we don’t think our soul expression is exciting enough or unique enough or marketable enough, but I’m here to tell you through lived experience, and through the experience of my clients that getting paid well to do what you are naturally most gifted in is a beautiful thing. So I invite you to really give some thought to what natural abilities you have and how you may be able to support others with those abilities.

Designing a business based on your soul expression is a very necessary part of having a conscious business.

The most powerful thing you can do in your own business as a highly conscious entrepreneur is your express your gifts because your gifts will get you where you want to go and expressing them is a fulfillment of your own divinity and your soul purpose.

In fact, you make yourself limitless by keeping in relationship with your own gifts and soul expression.

And limitlessness creates freedom and financial abundance - and isn’t that whey we are all in business for ourselves?

Let me know what you have learned about your gifts and soul expression by leaving a comment below!


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