Stop focusing on WHAT you do in your business

Here’s the deal: if you are a highly conscious entrepreneur HOW you do business matters.

And it matters even more than WHAT you do in your business.

Wait, what? Yes, how, not what.

At high levels of consciousness financial abundance CANNOT be created outside of your soul purpose.

Some humans are able to do business at the mental level and do really well - however the more conscious you are, the less that works, and the less traditional models of business work for you. The higher your energetic vibration, the more congruent you must be to your divinity.


With this higher level of consciousness comes increased power and responsibility - because the higher our consciousness, the bigger we can manifest. On the flip side of that, for highly conscious entrepreneurs when you go against your divine nature the fallout is much bigger then when you are unconscious.

Or soul purpose is always to express our divinity into our humanity. This divinity looks different for each person. What are you here to do? Your soul purpose is NOT a job description - like if you were just a good entrepreneur who did what God wants them to do, and put the right message out in the right way then you would get a gold star and make lots of money.

Your focus doesn’t need to be on WHAT you offer, because honestly if it has value you can market and sell it. Instead, put the focus on HOW. A business is just a medium of exchange - and ideally our business is a platform for HOW we express our divinity into humanity.

Have I sparked your curiosity about tapping into the HOW in your business? Click here to listen to a podcast I did on this very topic. Just use Google Music (or whatever platform you use) so that you can easily save this and listen to it while driving or working out (my favorite way to listen to podcasts!).

And, if you’re interested in getting some support with tapping into the HOW in your business, click here to learn about my Energy in Business Report. Also, can you do me a favor? If you like what I’m doing, tell one of the entrepreneurs you know or forward one of my emails or blogs to them. My business relies on word of mouth and you telling people in your world about me (bonus: tell them ONE THING you find useful!)

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