Your power lies in the absolute certainty that you are at choice in each moment.

Your power lies in the absolute certainty that you are at choice in each moment.

You get to choose how to respond to what is unfolding right in front of you. You get to choose how this chapter or this story (or this year!) is going to end. You get to choose how you show up emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in this full contact experience with your life and your business.

As you prepare to enter 2019, I want to remind you of the three things that will absolutely ensure that you will grow your empire this year:


Make the hard decisions and then DO NOT emotionally vote on them.

Make your decisions, big or small, quickly. Stretch your decision making muscle frequently. Make the decision that is aligned to YOU, to your soul. Does the decision feel expansive or contractive? That is your guidepost.


The burdens of the past and the hypothetical future do not get to impact your choices and your actions in the present moment.

Seriously, people. Focusing on the past and the future keeps you playing small in the present moment. Because you are seeing everything through the lens of what came before and your fear about the future.

Your limiting beliefs, your subconscious sabotage patterns and your resistance take you out of the present and your capacity to take the right, next step to grow your empire.

Your fear about HOW this is all going to work, and obsessing about your next goal keeps you from listening for the right, next best move to make.

You do not have to prove that you are worthy or that you are enough in order to have what you desire. You simply need to choose it. RIGHT NOW.


Ah, my FAVORITE, because this is the EVERYTHING!

If you are feeling overwhelmed, chaotic, super emotional, worried, or if fear, lack and scarcity are running the show you, are OUT OF alignment.

Your #1 responsibility is to remain aligned to your soul and your purpose. Your #1 job as the CEO of your business is to ensure that you are in FLOW and that you are carrying the expansive energetic signature of your business.

From that place everything happens.

You drop in.

You trust yourself.

You back yourself 100%.

Decisions, whether they be large or small, get made, quickly.

You are able to hold your intention or your goal without worrying HOW it is going to happen.

You fall in love with yourself.

You fall in love with your business.

You’re able to connect more deeply to WHY you are doing all of this in the first place.

You create a sustainable business model with ease.

ABUNDANCE HAPPENS as the natural byproduct of these three things.

Ready to Grow Your Empire this year?

DM me. I’d love to support you being the badass empowered entrepreneur I already know you to be.


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