Cultivating the Deadly Sin of "Greed" in your Business

The Deadly Sin of “Greed” in your Business

Let’s talk about the 3rd Deadly Sin of Greed and how you can use it in business!

If you’ve just joined my Tribe, let me catch you up to speed. I’m doing an 8 part-blog series on the 7 Deadly Sins and how to utilize them to propel your business forward. Yes, you read that correctly! If you’d like to read previous blogs on this topic, start here.

As a spiritually conscious entrepreneur, I understand the importance of humility, and keeping close to my Guide/Spirit/Truth, and keeping my focus on making the world a better place.

But none of those things happen in a sustainable way when I can’t pay my basic bills and am always scrambling for money and success.

The most important shift I made for myself and my business is recognizing that money is simply another form of energy, and that money is what helps to create value for what I offer. I also had to recognize that I am infinitely abundant and that being in full alignment with the Universe means welcoming abundance.

In the universe the concept of free does not exist, because we are each infinitely abundant and part of our divine nature is to desire more. When we do not allow ourselves to desire more, we actually stifle our own growth and capacity.

So, in that paradigm it’s actually quite important that you have an open and positive relationship to abundance and money.

How do you cultivate your relationship to money, and to desiring more abundance in a healthy way?

Start with where you are.

Begin with understanding what more could look like in your life. Really paint a picture for yourself. How could good become amazing, even epic?

What if you were no longer willing to settle for good? What would it look like if you allowed yourself to want more?

Let go of thinking that you are being excessive or worrying about other people judging you. Maybe what you want is excessive. Maybe everyone including your mail person and the neighbor’s dog are judging you. That is not your problem. As long as you are concerned about what other people do or don’t think of you, you will limit yourself. And, if you actually manage to obtain what you say you want, you will spend all of your time worrying what people think of you having a gorgeous home or whatever.

Do you see how you create your own limitations and stifle yourself?

This is all about being really honest with yourself and allowing yourself to DREAM. BIG. One of the most powerful exercises in manifesting is giving yourself permission to really dream.

Exercise: Spend 15 minutes journaling about what your life and business would look like if you allowed yourself to want more. Get clear on the following: How much money do you really want to make a year? And why do you want to make that much money? Allow yourself to dream beyond being able to pay bills with ease. Dream as big as you possibly can in terms of travel, your car, your house, vacations with your family, causes you want to donate to, etc. Give yourself permission to want what you want because you want it.

Comment below and let me know your big dream!

Now that you understand the Deadly sin of Greed, in the next blog, we’ll explore the fourth Deadly Sin of Lust.


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