Cultivating the Deadly Sin of "Envy" in your Business

Let’s talk about the 5th Deadly Sin of Envy and how you can use it in business!

If you’ve just joined my Tribe, let me catch you up to speed. I’m doing an 8 part-blog series on the 7 Deadly Sins and how to utilize them to propel your business forward. Yes, you read that correctly! If you’d like to read previous blogs on this topic, start here.

Ah, envy, the thing our mothers told us we should never do.

When I finally decided to take myself seriously in my own business there was one particular female entrepreneur I was incredibly envious of. She has grow her business to 7 figures, she was a psychic, like me, and only seemed to do what she loved in her business. She talked about having $30k sales months and owning two homes like it was no big deal.

She talked about things like taking yourself out for a $20 glass of wine at a fancy hotel to put yourself into an up-leveled vibration. I kept thinking, but I could buy an entire meal for two people with $20.

Yet, there was a shadow part of me that REALLY, and I mean REALLY, wanted to be in the vibration she was upholding - to have that freedom of choice and expression and to not worry so much all the time about paying basic bills.

Envy can really inspire us. When we see something beautiful or see someone who has the success we desire it’s natural to want it for ourselves.

A destructive way of interacting with envy is through stealing. Instead, go and create that or something even better for yourself!

I have $30k sales months now. It’s not a big deal to me to spend $20 on a glass of wine, or to drive a gorgeous car. At the check out counter I don’t worry about what my grocery bill total will be and whether or not my credit card will be approved. My relationship to worry and money is TOTALLY different.

And I still wash my own laundry and dishes. I am still the one responsible for running my own household and paying bills and getting the oil changed in my car. I still put my pants on the same as everyone else.

There are still days when I doubt myself, or eat popcorn and wine for dinner, or veg out on a Netflix series rather than work in my business (don’t EVEN get me started on “OA.” Love that show).

Honestly, I don’t think of myself as particularly special. But I hold a much different vibration than I did three years ago. My lows are a lot higher than they used to be. My choices and decisions are much different. And my challenges are on a completely different level than I could have imagined.

Back to the 7 figure psychic. Several years ago I thought she was magical and phenomenal. Today I recognize that although I like and respect her, she and I have little if nothing in common, and I see that the choices I am making and want to make for myself are nothing like the choices she has made for herself.

But, envying her absolutely helped me in up-leveling my own business. I thought to myself, WTF, if she can do what she’s doing as a psychic, then I can too. And I want what she has.

She has no idea that I envied her or cultivated that envy for good in my own business. With her presence alone, she helped me more than she will ever know.

Exercise: Whose life do you secretly covet? Is there someone whose success you want to outshine? What lights you up because you want THAT for yourself? (7 figure dream business, luxury car, a community of people in your tribe, travel, a certain type of lifestyle, etc.)

Comment below and let me know how your envy is motivating you!

In the next blog, we’ll explore the sixth Deadly Sin of Sloth.


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