Cultivating the Deadly Sin of "Gluttony" in Your Business

Let’s talk about the 7th Deadly Sin of Gluttony and how you can use it in business!

If you’ve just joined my Tribe, let me catch you up to speed. I’m doing an 8 part-blog series on the 7 Deadly Sins and how to utilize them to propel your business forward. Yes, you read that correctly! If you’d like to read previous blogs on this topic, start here.

Gluttony is pure physical pleasure. Our typical imagery around gluttony involves over-consumption of food. Picture a king sitting on his throne with an over-sized belly and a table of food spread before him.

But the energy of gluttony isn’t just about food, it’s about embracing our physicality. Because this physical vehicle can give us a lot of pleasure! Being incarnated can be delicious.

When you give yourself permission to tap into your body consciousness it can motivate you very powerfully. A lot of entrepreneurs actually learn to ignore their bodies, in the name of productivity!, and beating the clock!, and winning!

This is destructive because it doesn’t honor your most sacred vessel: your body. You are a spiritual being in a human body. This is an awesome opportunity for you to explore how to utilize your physicality to cultivate abundance in your business.

What physical pleasures motivate you? What could you have more of, all day long?

Right now, for example, I’m writing this blogpost sitting on my couch drinking hot coffee, in my pjs, with my puppy dog in my lap, and a blazing, crackling fire in the stone fireplace in front of me, while I look out over mountains covered in snow. I feel cozy, I feel a sense of warmth and home and gratitude.

Writing this blogpost is enriched by the physical experience I created for myself. Instead of being frustrated with having to write on the weekend in order to meet my deadline, I am basking in the luxury of this writing space I have created for myself. And that has a very positive effect on my writing today!

My business manager frequently works in coffee shops. She finds energy in being around others who are also working. During our phone calls, I can hear others in the background also in action, and I find it energizing as well!

Exercise: Spend some time journaling about what sensory delights you want to incorporate into your lifestyle and business. What makes you enjoy your body, and this physical plane? How do you define pure physical pleasure?

Comment below and let me know what changes you will make.

In the next blog, we’ll wrap up this series on the 7 Deadly Sins!


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