Why you’re not getting the results you desire in your biz…

There are so many theories out there about why entrepreneurs aren’t getting the results they say they want in their business.

A lot of entrepreneurs I talk to think that it’s a matter of not tapping into the right marketing venue, or not being clear on their message, or not knowing how to get folks to say yes to having a sales conversation with them, or not knowing how to package their services correctly.

All of those things could be perfectly true. However, in my experience, it ALWAYS comes down to this:

Who you are in your business matters.

And if you don’t understand the impact that YOU are having on your business - if you’re not willing to take responsibility for how you are affecting your business, you’re not going to get results.

Even if you have the perfect marketing message, sales funnel, target client, Facebook ad, etc. you will not get the results you say you want in your business if you are the problem.

Entrepreneurs fail because they ignore the 90% of business that makes them successful: themselves.

I believe that success in business is 10% execution and logistics and 90% managing you: your beliefs, your emotions, your mindset, and your ability or inability to make decisions and take action.

Try on this paradigm: everything in your experience is revolving around you. If you want to change your experience in your business then you have to understand that you are the cause of your experience.

The only conscious difference between you and a tree is that you have the ability to choose and to make decisions.

What I see over and over again is entrepreneurs who are unwilling to make hard decisions in their businesses because they are afraid of the power and responsibility that comes with deciding.

Take a moment and ask yourself - do you want the power and responsibility that comes with making decisions?

You must decide a lot of things in your business, because that is what is going to move your business forward. This is part of mastering the art of change in your business. Because when you learn to do transformation at will, you become unstoppable in your business!

If you aren’t willing to make hard decisions, if you aren’t willing to fail liberally and generously and keep claiming resiliency and standing back up again after you have fallen you will fail in your business.

You must make decisions in your business. 

Let’s break that down even further, begin with deciding what you want to have. What that ideally creates is an internal expectation that it’s going to happen.

So you:

  1. Create an internal expectation that it will happen.
  2. Take action that reflects this expectation.

In order to have an internal expectation, you have to have faith. You have to be motivated to take new action from that expectation - and that is where faith comes in.

Because if you have unwavering certainty within yourself that you can have what you cannot yet see then you will be more motivated to take actions that create what you say you want in your business.

Deepak Chopra says “Inherent in every intention is the mechanics for its fulfillment.”

Comment below and let me know what you think about creating the expectation and taking action reflecting that expectation!

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Meade Neumann

Deep! It resonates in ways that keep echoing long after I have finished reading it!
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