Freaking out about money in your business? Do this…


Let me begin by saying that as an entrepreneur, regardless of how established you are in business, you will always have times when you are freaking out about money in your business. That is normal.

What can make or break your business is how you respond to the freak out.

I want to share with you what to do when you’re not generating the sales you really desire in your business, when you’re on a serious roller coaster of income fluctuations in your business, or when looking at your bank account balance is causing you to have a panic attack. My intention is to help you unpack your money blocks and get your money mindset managed, because when you are in fear, lack or scarcity it can be really challenging to shift your relationship to money, or to allow more money into your business.  

Here is my #1 strategy for managing your money mindset!

Strategy #1:  Start Where You Are.

A lot of entrepreneurs spend a LOT of time either wishing they were further along in their business or regretting choices and decisions they made in the past. What entrepreneurs are notorious for is NOT being present with what is really going on right now in business. We can wish that we had a 6 or 7 figure business. We can engage in the addiction of “comparisonitis” in our business but until we stop living in the future or regretting the past we are NOT going to get different results, right now. The reason entrepreneurs don’t want to be in the present in their business is because they start to get confronted with the fact that they are often the #1 reason why they are not generating more money in their business. And when you get confronted with yourself as the primary problem in your business it can cause massive amounts of discomfort, anger, denial, overwhelm and resistance.

The truth is that we limit ourselves in lots of ways around money:

We limit ourselves by what our parents taught us about money. For example, if your parent never earned more than $50,000 a year that may be your glass ceiling as well. We limit ourselves based on the rules we have learned about what is and isn’t possible. For example, I learned that psychics couldn’t make good money and that it was ridiculous for a psychic to have a multi-six figure business. In order to be effective in business you must understand where you are RIGHT NOW and what you need to address internally in order to be fully present for your prospective client or customer. Because sales will always make or break your business.


You are always manifesting money and sales, just at your current level of awareness. So you must understand your current level of awareness. If you don’t know where you are, you can’t find where you are going!    90% of our thoughts and actions in our business are run by our subconscious. To be a successful entrepreneur, you must understand how your subconscious is influencing EVERY aspect of your business. You will be shocked by how much stuff shows up within our subconscious. It’s not your fault and it’s not because you’re stupid. You have these threads of beliefs that aren’t even yours! The goal is to become conscious of what is rattling around in your subconscious, because awareness is the first step to transformation. Money blocks often surface in relationship to the people in your life, to gender, culture, ancestors, and religious upbringing. Here are some questions to help you determine where you are in relationship to money, right now:

  • What did your parents think or do around money?
  • What did you gender teach you about money?
  • What did your culture show you about money?
  • What did your ancestors bring through?
  • What were the messages of your childhood religion?
  • How are you playing small for fear that you will hurt someone if you make more money?
  • Who would you become if you had a lot of money? and, What fear do you have around this?
  • Is there a part of you putting the breaks on because you are afraid that money will change you?
  • What’s the worst thing that could happen if you became wealthy?
  • How do you view people who are wealthy now?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much are these viewpoints affecting you? If any of these are triggering for you, go deeper. The goal is to understand how you are limiting yourself.

Comment below and let me know what you discover about your money blocks!


Julia Pantoga Soriano

Emma, where did you get that 90% figure?
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Emma Churchman

Julia, Industry standard (in the transformation industry) - I've heard 90% mindset/10% execution, and I've also heard 80%/20%.
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Monique Salazar

This was such an eye opener. Being a Hispanic women I have such a negative mindset around money. With an incarcerated father and single mom who made minimum wage I always feared money. It was evil because my family forever chased it. We were taught to lie, steal and cheat our way through life. I always wanted to make money to help my family and over time I ve come to realize they were a huge block for me. A lot of greed has surrounded money in my life and in turn I am afraid to make money and then have ungrateful children.  I love how Tony Robbins and Gary Vee are in this market and I'd like to make more money to help more people. I have no desire to be dripping in diamonds and eating bagels dipped in gold. 

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