What happens when you put yourself in a new energetic signature?

What happens when you put yourself in a new energetic signature?

You create connection with yourself, with your soul, with Source, with the ENTIRE Universe.

Because energy is everything.

When you are upleveling it鈥檚 about raising your vibration into what you want to create, and then taking action from THAT energy.

That鈥檚 exactly what happened during the two day VIP Intensive I did with a client this week here in Asheville, NC at the Biltmore Estate.

The Estate in and of itself is high vibe. There is wealth energy on the property, not only in the Biltmore House itself, but on the land.

My client was in person with me in order to be in MY vibration; my upleveled energy. Part of why you work with a mentor is to align yourself to their energy, because that helps to raise your own. My client set the agenda for our time together. His intention was to reinvent his business: new services, clients, marketing messaging and imaging, sales funnel, lead generation strategy, and financial goal.

You know, EVERYTHING. So that became our shared mission.

I approached this from the perspective of who he is a spiritual being, and how his soul longs to express itself in the world. I asked questions that allowed him to unpack this. I listened deeply. I named what was in and out of alignment to his soul and his genius and how he is uniquely designed.

Here is what we accomplished over the two days:

馃憠 Identified his ideal client

馃憠 Articulated his brand with him at the center of that brand

馃憠 Created the core messaging for his content marketing for the ENTIRE YEAR

馃憠 Honed in on exactly what marketing platforms are that are aligned and EASY for him

馃憠 Curated a brand new six week, VIP weekend, and 6 month package

馃憠 Designed a $200k business model that will be EASY and life-giving to implement

馃憠 Took action to reach his new ideal audience

Plus we:

馃挜 Tapped into his soul for the most aligned ways to take action in his business

馃挜 Activated him as the CEO of his business

馃挜 Addressed limiting beliefs re money mindset so he could scale to $200k this year

馃挜 Re-positioned him (primarily energetically) as the brand of his business

馃挜 Catalyzed him as the SOURCE of his own abundance And we did ALL OF THIS while:

馃檶 Sitting in front of a fireplace on a cozy couch having tea

馃檶 Walking through gardens and along the river

馃檶 Eating fabulous farm to table food

馃檶 Discussing our dating lives, family histories, and passions

It was some of the EASIEST coaching and mentoring I鈥檝e ever done. Because I was able to show up fully and be present, as was my client. We were both 100% committed to the process.

My client wasn鈥檛 in resistance, he was taking full responsibility for what he wanted to get out of the experience, he was totally prepared, and willing to stay in the flow, notice when he was feeling stuck, receive support from me, AND TAKE ACTION during the Intensive.

He got IMMEDIATE feedback on the action that he took! Brand new prospects inquired about his events and working with him while we were still in the Intensive.

For me, that is SUCH an affirmation of soul alignment. When we are truly aligned - in our mindset, in how we鈥檙e showing up in our business, and in the actions that we take, we get an immediate response.

This is what manifestation is REALLY about. Not just visualizing what we desire but knowing that when we are in alignment it is already DONE.

This photo is of me at the end of the Intensive. I was feeling ebullient/well-used/energetically exhausted. Showing up in my genius is potent! My client felt it; I felt it too.

I want MORE OF THIS! Having this exponential impact in under 48 hours was SO FUN. Would you like to have this experience, too?

If you are ready for a radical shift, if you are ready to scale your business to the next level and truly begin growing your empire, I鈥檇 love to show you how to do so in a way that is uniquely designed to YOU, your genius, and your soul.


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