Be. Here. Now.

Be. Here. Now.

We want to be in FLOW.

We want the Universe to grant our every wish.

We want people around us to rally up in support of us.

We are always seeking that elusive external confirmation that what we are doing, who we are being, and what we desire to have, is working.

When we are drowning in our own stories, our own fear, our own shit storm...

When we have not filled up our own cup...

When we have not worshipped first at our own feet, we keep ourselves searching.

We keep WANTING.

We keep being frustrated that we are not getting what we WANT.

To WANT is “to be deficient by the absence of some thing.” (

You can ask for what you desire.

You can demand that the Universe rise to meet your intentions.

You can take a radical stand for what you want.

But if you are coming from the perspective of “absence,” of not already being fulfilled, of not already knowing full stop that your desire is here right now, of not already trusting yourself and backing yourself 100%, what happens?

🔥 Your external world keeps dictating your reality. 🔥

👉 You keep yourself in a loop of never quite having what you desire.

👉 You keep yourself on the financial roller coaster.

👉 You keep yourself always chasing after the next shiny object.

👉 You keep yourself playing small in the name of trying to get ahead of the curve ball.

How do you get out of that “want” or “striving” energy?

How do you release the story that you are never doing ENOUGH to grow your business?

🙌 You SOURCE YOURSELF first. 🙌

You keep thinking that you’ll journal, reflect, go deeper, be in your why AFTER you’ve responded to all the emails, done all the things on social media, engaged with all your clients, followed up with all of your team members, marketed everywhere...

💥 You keep putting off THE ONLY THING that is going to keep your business actually moving forward. 💥




You keep yourself in this loop of being connected then disconnected to your purpose, to your art, to why the f*ck you are here on the planet, because there is NO PROOF YET that who you are and how you be MATTERS as a business growth strategy.

Because it makes no logical sense to do this FIRST, or to do this PRIMARILY.

Except for that the truth, my Beloved, is that who you are and how you be DOES MATTER in your business.

It is the only thing that matters.

It is the reason to get out of bed in the morning.

It is the reason to sit down with a blank page or blank canvas and create the masterpiece that IS you.

It is the everything.

There is no WANT. There is only you expressing yourself into the world, BEING you, and trusting (even when there is no visible “proof”).

💥 THIS is how you manifest like a badass. 💥

Who do you need to BE to lead THIS way in your business?


Monique Salazar

Loved this!

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Jane Fenton

YES! Beautifully expressed, Emma.<3

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