What is love asking?

What is LOVE asking right now?

Such a powerful question, and a gorgeous reframe anytime I’m feeling out of balance.

For me, this week, it has been asking me to fill my own cup.

To ask first what I need before giving to others.

To stop REACTING in the name of being who I think others need me to be.

To pay attention to what belongs to me and what belongs to someone else.

To set the boundaries.

To go within.

To connect with Source.

To spend as much time as possible on the land.

To eat acres of salad and organic happy food. To rest. To breathe.

Love has asked me to be vulnerable and honest with my clients.

To do the FB Live in my groups EVEN when I don’t want to because my sh*t is coming up.

To speak more about my internal process in challenging situations.

To show up raw, unshowered, sans makeup/script/total clarity and perspective.

To be present and love. Love has invited me to continue to show up, open and honest, with the man I’m dating - even with the story running in the back of my mind that if I am too vulnerable I will be abandoned or killed.

To name what is true for me.

To not be attached.

To say what I need.

To hear the words he is saying without twisting them into what I fear he might say.

Love has asked that I love my wounded child, and my protector, my problem solver, my hurt, my grief, my overwhelm, my fear, my creativity, my divinity, my badass, my truth teller.

To Love all the parts of me, unequivocally, even when those parts drive me bonkers.

To hold all of who I am in the arms of love.

Love has reminded me to stay in the present.

To breathe.

To connect to Source.

To notice the fear.

To release the story.

To release the need to be right.

To have compassion for myself and others.

To not take on others pain.

To have the boundaries.

To be the vulnerable leader.

To fill my cup.

What is LOVE asking of you today? #growyourempire #manifestingforreals #getlit

P.S. What I have found to be true for myself and many other conscious entrepreneurs is that the more I follow my soul’s guidance for my business, the more I prioritize alignment in my life and my business, the more I being to manifest and receive the results I desire. But in doing so, exquisite attention must be given to every little (and big) thing that is out of alignment.

What I may have been able to squeak by with 3 years, 1 year, even 6 months ago can no longer be ignored.

EVERY LITTLE THING must be aligned to me and my business otherwise nothing moves forward.

What about you?

Are you feeling stuck in your business and seemingly nothing is moving?

Do you feel like your life and business is completely unaligned?

Have you tried all the things/programs/strategies but they just aren’t working?

Then it’s time to lead with soul. It’s time to put the fear aside and listen to the voice inside you that has been saying for some time now that you’ve got to pivot and build your business based on pure alignment and soul guidance.

Are you ready?

The first step is acknowledgment.

The second step is to schedule a consult call with me.

Not only will we diagnose where you are and exactly what’s going on in your business, we will help you to create clarity and a plan of action around what the best next steps are for you to grow your empire in a way that is soul fulfilling.

Go here to get started.  


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