Be the energy you want to attract.

Be the energy you want to attract.

Sometimes we confuse fear and desire. It鈥檚 easy, because it some ways they are two sides of the same coin.

馃憠 We can deeply desire to make $x amount in sales this month, by the last day of the month.

馃憠 We can have tons of positive intentions about WHY we want to make this sales number by that date.

馃憠 We can be absolutely clear about how that new money will impact our business and our life.

馃憠 We can get juiced about the WHY behind our desire. But if there is any part of us that is also afraid of the consequences of what will happen if we do NOT meet that sales goal we鈥檙e not actually in desire.

We鈥檙e in FEAR.

馃敟 Our desire is cloaked in fear. 馃敟

When fear is driving your desire reaching your sales goal is almost impossible.

A lot of us actually use fear as a motivator for sales. Because of societal conditioning, because that is what we have always done, because fear is a socially acceptable condition, because we鈥檙e human and that鈥檚 what humans do.

We say we want more ease, we want to know that we won鈥檛 have to worry about money next month if we have a good sales month now. We say that will give us time to focus on other things in our business.

But if your agenda with a goal in your business is to alleviate your own fear and worry your desire is cloaked in fear.

馃敟 So, how do you actually hold a desire without the cloak of fear?馃敟

You unpack the fear. You ask it questions. You dig into what is really going on for you that鈥檚 causing you to obsess about wanting to have more ease, not be in worry, not have to think about sales.

You go within and understand the deeper motivation that is driving your desire.

Only then, only once all of that murkiness has surfaced to be healed and transformed can your desire be purely identified. That鈥檚 when you鈥檙e able to hold a desire in Love and Light energy.

That鈥檚 when you鈥檙e able to truly tap into the energy you want to create in your business.


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