Is it time to PIVOT your business?

Is it time to PIVOT your business? I’ve noticed this interesting trend in the majority of my coaching clients over the past two years.

They have fallen out of love with their businesses. They long to step even more deeply into their purpose and to integrate their purpose into their business. They’re not sure exactly what that looks like… Or, they are sure, but they are terrified to close the door on their existing business that is kinda, sorta, maybe working. Internally, they have made up their mind that they want to pivot. They LONG to pivot. They long to DO their calling via the platform of their business. But they are afraid to make any external changes. Meanwhile, sales have slowed down.

Clients have gotten cranky. Team members are acting out. The business feels like a burden. The Universe is conspiring to tell these entrepreneurs that it is TIME to take the leap! I’ve had so many clients drawn to me who were consciously (or subconsciously) aware that something radical needed to shift in their business. Some would only go so far as to admit that they thought they just needed a new marketing strategy. Others were burnt out and thought they needed help stepping it up as the CEO of their business. A few actually knew the direction they wanted to go in their business, they were just trigger-shy. So, thanks to Divine Guidance, the Universe, and their souls telling them to work with me, we began reinventing their businesses, from the inside out. Because in order to grow your empire, who you BE in your business must change.

To make a massive pivot in your business - taking it in a different direction - takes courage and faith and a strong connection to your soul and intuition and desire. It also takes deep listening to your business. And trust in yourself. Having a guide for support with making this pivot is crucial. Take my client Adam, marketing strategist turned erotic energy coach. That is a SERIOUS PIVOT!!! When we began working together he was only a few months into his new business. He was still figuring out his marketing messaging and wasn’t sure how to package his services or how to sell them. He has some limiting beliefs around being able to have a successful erotic energy practice.

In our first 5 weeks together, this happened: - From $0 to $8k in the first month - On track for $15k-$18k in revenue in month two - 16 consultations booked with prospects (compared to 24 consults in ALL of last year) - On track for a 70-100% sales conversion rate - Lead generation strategy that consistently works - He’s loving his business, his prospects, and his services - He’s trusting himself and backing himself 100% in his business He’s already on track to double his income in 2019, with a BRAND NEW business! *These results are typical.* Is it time for you to pivot?


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