The REAL Reason Your Offers aren’t Selling…

blogpost-07-24-2023In my 25+ years as a business coach and a 7-figure business owner, I’ve discovered a secret almost none of my colleagues are talking about…

There is a certain way that each of us are uniquely created to do business, based on our soul design. This is especially important to understand when it comes to your offers.

When we can understand how to do business in a way that is most natural to us, it becomes WAY easier for us to get results.

Strategy and mindset are of course important components of business growth — but they can only get you so far.

Eventually, if you are a conscious business owner, you’ve got to learn to work with your soul design to experience consistent profit — and exponential growth.

The majority of business owners ASSUME that when their offers aren’t selling they must have a lead generation problem. They assume that if people aren’t jumping at the chance to buy from them, that they just need more people to market to.

How many times have you said to yourself: HEY, I could make way more money if I just had better quality prospective clients or customers?!

Having coached thousands of conscious business owners, I can honestly report that 90% of the time if someone’s offers aren’t consistently selling, they do NOT have a lead generation problem.

There’s something else going on in your business.

As long as you are misdiagnosing what’s blocking your growth — or simply assuming you have a lead generation problem, without digging deeper - you will continue to get incremental, inconsistent results - and NOT the profit, and freedom from worry, you really desire.

Most of us are trying to create abundance and growth in our business in a way that is completely misaligned to our soul design.

If our current strategy, or team members, or product or services, or sales and enrollment processes, or back-end business systems, or clients, or marketing messaging aren’t aligned to our soul in the first place — THAT is actually whats stopping our consistent sales.

The impact of those misalignments is that we stop trusting ourselves to know what to focus on next to sell our offers. The majority of business owners then jump on the bandwagon of the next “hot” marketing strategy. Most of the time that doesn’t work.

That’s because when it comes to marketing, each soul is created to market differently. Some souls do exceptionally well with organic marketing, others benefit more from speaking gigs. Some souls do well leading online challenges or Masterclasses, others do better hosting Facebook groups or having a YouTube channel. Some are designed to sell high-ticket; others low-ticket.

We overreact to slow sales by taking WAY more marketing action then we actually need.

We ignore our intuition, because of a fear that we won’t be able to make more money doing business in a natural-to-us way. We doubt our decision-making, and we settle for inconsistent results.

When you understand how to take the essence of your soul design and apply it in the 3D reality — in every aspect of your business — you create profit and freedom.

The question is, how do you bring your business into alignment with your soul design, so your offers consistently sell?

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