Mindset in Business

Why being uncomfortable is good for business


Being Uncomfortable Is Good For Business

Every single entrepreneur I have ever interacted with struggles with resistance. Resistance is simply your ego (your survival instincts) stepping into to try and stop you whenever you do something new. For the ego, new is bad and dangerous. Staying the same is good and safe.

Resistance, when not managed properly, can quickly stop you in your tracks in your business.

As an entrepreneur, you must master your own resistance mechanisms - recognize them, an…

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Meet Jeeves, my new assistant

Meet Jeeves

When I was a child I was taught that desire was inappropriate and wrong. I was taught that what I wanted for myself was less important than what everyone else in my family wanted and needed. And I learned that the only way to survive in my family of origin was to ignore my own wants and desires.

This past year I spent a LOT of time sorting through the impact that childhood teaching has had on my life and business. To be honest, I actually had to re-learn how to be in relationship w…

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How to be yourself AND make more money

Be yourself and make money!

It used to be that when someone would use the word sales person around me I would immediately picture a white man, in the 1970s in bell bottoms and suit jacket with slicked back hair trying to sell me a used car - telling me everything he thinks I want to hear.

I know you know exactly what I am talking about.


Who the heck would want to be that guy?

You need to be YOURSELF in your sales conversations. And not just a “little” you and a “lot” stereotypical s…

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How Your Choices Will Make Or Break Your Business

Everything in our life and business is a choice. We either make choices that negate our divinity or we make choices that support our divinity. Think about that for a minute - all day long you are deciding, in each moment, whether to support who you truly are as a soul or to negate yourself. That is power, and that is responsibility.

I find amazing freedom in that, because it shows us that as souls we have 100% free will. Unless someone is threatening your life or physically restraining you, you…

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What is Your Soul Purpose, Really?

What is your Soul's purpose?

Let me go ahead and save you the TWO decades (and the $100,000) it took me to figure out what my soul purpose is:

The purpose of EVERY SOUL is to express your divinity into your humanity.

Let me repeat that (because it’s that good!): the purpose of every soul is to express your divinity into your humanity.

How do you recognize your own soul gifts - your own divinity?

Let me begin by telling you what NOT to do ….

To discover your own gifts and divinity do not si…

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What does Faith have to do with Business?


For entrepreneurs, fear will kill your business. Faith will nurture it.

What is the difference between Fear and Faith (the two F words)? Both require that you believe something that you CANNOT SEE. Fear has us living in the past or the future. Faith has us living in the present moment.

Faith is just as powerful as Fear.

Faith is the substance of the things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Faith is the ability to see the invisible and believe in the incredible.

We are always in …

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Is Fear running the show in your business?

Don't let your fears run the show!

I don’t know about you, but I spent YEARS in my business trying to make my fears okay. I tried to dialogue with it - I also tried to mask or ignore it with positive thinking.

The end result?

I still had frigging fear popping up all over the place and it was keeping me in resistance. For, like, 17 years. Let me go ahead and save you 17 years of trial and tribulation. Trust me, this will be the best 8 minutes you spend this year.

Most of us in the spiritual d…

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