energy in business

Be the energy you want to attract.

Be the energy you want to attract.

Sometimes we confuse fear and desire. It’s easy, because it some ways they are two sides of the same coin.

👉 We can deeply desire to make $x amount in sales this month, by the last day of the month.

👉 We can have tons of positive intentions about WHY we want to make this sales number by that date.

👉 We can be absolutely clear about how that new money will impact our business and our life.

👉 We can get juiced about the WHY behind our desire. But if there is…

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You are pure consciousness

You are pure consciousness.

You literally have access to the entire quantum field of reality and can create in each moment anything you desire.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

And sometimes your humanity, frankly, f*cks things up with disempowered energy.

👉 Wanting is a disempowered energy.

👉 Wanting things to be different than they are in this moment.

👉 Wishing you were further along then you are in your business.

👉 Wanting to blame everyone else for your problems or…

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Are you doing your best to trust?

If you’re feeling like you are doing your best to trust everything to work out, and you’re in the energy of hoping and wishing that your marketing will work, or more leads will come in, or more sales will happen, or you will finally, finally, finally feel like your business is working…

What you are actually doing…

(sorry to burst your bubble)

Is reinforcing scarcity and lack in your business.

(There, I said it. Now we can do something about it.)

💥 Because, my beloved, you have not made the …

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Who is running the sales in your business?

Who is running the sales in your business?

Let me cut right to the chase, because y’all know that’s how I like to roll:

90% of our thoughts and actions are run by our subconscious.

In order to be successful in sales in your business, you must understand how your subconscious is influencing and affecting your sales process.

And really, to be a successful entrepreneur or solopreneur, you must understand how your subconscious is influencing EVERY aspect of your business.

Let me give you some E…

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Stop focusing on WHAT you do in your business

Here’s the deal: if you are a highly conscious entrepreneur HOW you do business matters.

And it matters even more than WHAT you do in your business.

Wait, what? Yes, how, not what.

At high levels of consciousness financial abundance CANNOT be created outside of your soul purpose.

Some humans are able to do business at the mental level and do really well - however the more conscious you are, the less that works, and the less traditional models of business work for you. The higher your energet…

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How Your Choices Will Make Or Break Your Business

Everything in our life and business is a choice. We either make choices that negate our divinity or we make choices that support our divinity. Think about that for a minute - all day long you are deciding, in each moment, whether to support who you truly are as a soul or to negate yourself. That is power, and that is responsibility.

I find amazing freedom in that, because it shows us that as souls we have 100% free will. Unless someone is threatening your life or physically restraining you, you…

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What is Your Soul Purpose, Really?

What is your Soul's purpose?

Let me go ahead and save you the TWO decades (and the $100,000) it took me to figure out what my soul purpose is:

The purpose of EVERY SOUL is to express your divinity into your humanity.

Let me repeat that (because it’s that good!): the purpose of every soul is to express your divinity into your humanity.

How do you recognize your own soul gifts - your own divinity?

Let me begin by telling you what NOT to do ….

To discover your own gifts and divinity do not si…

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Transformation, Deepak Chopra, and Death


Transformation, Deepak Chopra, and Death

My show this past week with Deepak Chopra on Lainie Sevante’ Wulkan’s Zeta Global Radio (broadcast in over 50 countries!)really challenged me to get real about how transformation works in business.

Lo and behold I found myself discussing my three favorite topics on the show: soul expression, mindset and death.

What, you may be asking yourself, does DEATH have to do with TRANSFORMATION?

Absolutely everything, my friend.

A lot of folks have asked me ho…

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