Who is running the sales in your business?

Who is running the sales in your business?

Let me cut right to the chase, because y’all know that’s how I like to roll:

90% of our thoughts and actions are run by our subconscious.

In order to be successful in sales in your business, you must understand how your subconscious is influencing and affecting your sales process.

And really, to be a successful entrepreneur or solopreneur, you must understand how your subconscious is influencing EVERY aspect of your business.

Let me give you some Examples of Subconscious Beliefs that will Impact Sales (since sales is the lifeblood of every business!):

  • I’m not offering enough value in my business.
  • I am not enough.
  • There are plenty of other coaches/practitioners/healers who are better than I am.
  • If I am visible I will get punished.
  • If they see me they will hurt me.
  • Being myself is dangerous.
  • Asking people to give me money is wrong or bad.
  • Money is bad.
  • I don’t deserve to make money.
  • I can’t trust other people.
  • I can’t trust myself.
  • People won’t like the real me.

Do any of these resonate with you?

90% of our thoughts and actions are run by our subconscious.

So, odds are, your subconscious is running your business, you just may not be fully aware of it.

For entrepreneurs success in your business is 10% execution and 90% managing YOU: your energy, your thoughts, your beliefs, and your subconscious.

If sales is a major concern in your business - either you’re not getting folks to talk to you about your offerings, or they are saying no during sales conversations - then you are in exactly the right place, my friend!

The thing is, when you have a business you MUST be good at sales. Because a business literally cannot exist without sales - in order to be a business there must be an exchange of value - you offer a product or service and your client or customer gives you money for it.

Let’s talk about how energy affects the sales in your business.

When we are selling a product or service, our prospects pick up information about us through their 5 senses.

They also pick up information from us subconsciously through vibration and intuition.

You know that feeling - when you just have the sixth sense that someone isn’t trustworthy?

When you have an off feeling about a person you are picking up something energetically from that person. Our prospects can pick up a lot from us vibrationally and intuitively.

We can begin a sales conversation with the full intention of serving our prospect - really wanting to help or give to that prospect.

Subconsciously, though, something may not be in alignment with that - either you believe that you have to get something from the prospect or you have a wound surfacing - most frequently a wound that communicates to the prospect - “Don’t see me!”

If you, as the sales person, are ashamed, embarrassed, or guilt-ridden about something - while you are consciously telling yourself that you want to help your prospect, subconsciously you will be communicating something else to that prospect.

The prospect WILL pick up on it!

The result is that the prospect will not buy from you and you (and they) won’t really know why - they’ll just know that something doesn’t feel right. You must be willing to be 100% authentic in a sales conversation - Until your wall comes down, the prospects wall won’t come down.

Are you ready and willing to let your wall down?

If this is resonating with you, and you’re feeling particularly courageous, post below and let me know how this content landed with you!


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