Episode Overview:

This week on Cleared for Profit, Emma interviews Rebecca Liston. Rebecca is an experienced business consultant & coach.

They explore the impact that pushing, hustling,and striving has for trauma survivors in their businesses.

More importantly, they share about how to shift gears out of that proving energy and start leading with your intuition in your business!

Guest Information

Rebecca Liston is an experienced business consultant and coach helping you make faster, more effective decisions.

  • Masterfully resolve personality clashes
  • Focus your energy on strategic projects that deliver the greatest return
  • Understand the larger forces in the market – or your organization – that could be sabotaging your initiative…

All in record time.

Rebecca is also the co-founder of Orange, Liston, & Dew, an agency that designs custom business plans and marketing for coaches, healers, and other self-employed professionals.

The trio offer a full range of strategic planning, marketing, writing, and creative services. With more than thirty years of collective business-building acumen, they design businesses and marketing rooted in the unique needs, desires, and dreams of each one of their clients. Watch them in action at Coffee Talk every month, where they talk shop with business owners who want to build their business in a different way.

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