Sometimes ease wears the sly disguise of struggle


Sometimes ease wears the sly disguise of struggle.

Say what?!?

Ease came running towards me recently, promising opportunity and possibility, hiding in its cloak all of the struggle and disempowerment that would be required of me in the name of creating ease in one area of my life. This ease looked so good I wanted to lick it. I could FEEL all of the possibilities it could create for me, in SO MANY WAYS! Except for that this ease would require me stepping out of my power. Disallowing the power …

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Do you feel like you're free falling in biz?

Do you feel like you're free-falling in your biz? When you’re in the midst of an uplevel, it can be hard to see the forest through the trees. You may even think you’re in a desert, or on Pluto. You can feel like a crazy person.

What used to work in your business stops working. Programs stop selling. The people who used to be drawn to work with you disappear and the clients you REALLY want to be serving seem elusive and far away. You get that something within you is shifting, or needs to shift. …

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Is it time to PIVOT your business?

Is it time to PIVOT your business? I’ve noticed this interesting trend in the majority of my coaching clients over the past two years.

They have fallen out of love with their businesses. They long to step even more deeply into their purpose and to integrate their purpose into their business. They’re not sure exactly what that looks like… Or, they are sure, but they are terrified to close the door on their existing business that is kinda, sorta, maybe working. Internally, they have made up their…

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Have you ever had the experience of prospects literally unable to see you?


Have you ever had the experience of prospects literally unable to see you?

In my first few years of being a full-time business coach, I went to a ton of networking events and conferences, to support my business growth.

This curious thing was happening as I was attending all of these events. 

💥 There were people in the room who literally could NOT SEE ME. 💥

I noticed this especially when I was networking in my hometown, I would meet the same people over and over again, introducing myself to…

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Stop getting distracted...


Stop getting distracted...

It can be really triggering to LET things be easy.

Walking the tightrope of ease, and releasing struggle, can feel downright terrifying.

Because what if you aren’t DOING enough?

What if you’re not PROVING enough to the Universe that you are serious about what you desire?

What if every other entrepreneur around you is working really hard for the same results?

What then?

For anyone who was taught that struggle is noble…

For anyone who learned that the only way…

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The only thing that causes us suffering...


The only thing that causes us suffering is our own thoughts.

Here’s what I see happen for SO many conscious entrepreneurs after their soul nudges them even more deeply into their purpose and expression and they make a powerful decision to move towards their desire.

You make the decision, in a gorgeous, aligned way.

Then you start overthinking.

You start doubting the decision.

Wondering if it is the right decision or the wrong decision.

If people will judge you.

If your business will fail …

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You are meant for success


You are meant for success


You have everything you need to cultivate an extraordinary life. You are meant for success. But sometimes you forget your badassery. You forget how righteous you are.

Old school righteous. righteous

“Absolutely genuine and wonderful.”

Somehow your genuineness….

Your sovereignty….

The essence of who you are.

Your soul…

Your birthright…

Got lost in the shuffle. In the name of lead generation, conversion, sales funnels, client fulfillme…

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Does your business light you the f*ck up?


Are you having the impact that you truly desire?

Do you experience the FREEDOM that you caused you to actually start your business in the first place?

If not, and you’re already at 6+ figures, you are PLAYING SMALL.

💥 It’s time to stretch beyond your limits. 💥

Your soul is telling you there is MORE for you.

It’s time for you to create new visions and new possibilities. 🙌 It’s time for a rebirth. 🙌

Because more money will not motivate you to the next level of success.

Pushing and hustling …

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Have a 6+figure business and STILL on the financial roller coaster?


Are you constantly having to hustle to meet your monthly goals, getting great results sometimes, but falling short other months?

Do you long for CONSISTENCY and income that’s dependable?

It could be that you are handling your financial upleveling the wrong way.

Say what?!?

🙌 Your income is always a perfect match for your vibrational state.

🙌 You are in perfect energetic resonance with whatever amount of money is currently in your bank account.

🔥 If you want to attract more money into your …

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It's time to break the chains that bind you


It’s time to break the chains that bind you.

Beloved, there is nothing powerful about being half the person you were meant to be.

There is nothing empowered about only kinda, sorta, maybe, having and being everything you desire.

For a lot of “successful” entrepreneurs this looks like making tons of money but STILL not having freedom.

Here’s why…

Most entrepreneurs are unwilling to have more than enough.

Read that again, because it can seem like a tongue twister.

Except that it isn’t.


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